Man attacked by vendors for consuming thier bananas and not paying for it

Man attacked by vendors for consuming thier bananas and not paying for it


ZIMBABWE – The case of two vendors who appeared in court over allegations of attacking a man who had consumed their bananas without paying has been deferred to December 16.

Chitungwiza magistrate Renikah Dzikiti deferred the matter to allow parties to bring in witnesses.

“You were at a public place, so I am sure you can all bring witnesses who can assist the court with more evidence,” she said.

Trymore Nduramo and Mukundi Bakasa pleaded not guilty to assault charges during the initial hearing of the matter for attacking Hillary Taizivei who ate their bananas without paying for them.

The trial of the matter continues today.

Whilst making their submissions in court the pair said it was Hillary who had actually infringed them by consuming their bananas without money.

“We were the ones who should have reported this matter to court because what he did is as good as stealing from us.

“He came to the market and asked for the prize of the bananas, we told him that six bananas were going for US$1.

“He started eating the bananas which were in our pushing cart, after eating four bananas he starting putting hands into his pockets and said he had left his wallet at his house.

“We did not react violently, we asked him to leave something behind so that when he comes with our money we will hand him over anything that he would have left.

“He refused to agree to that so we then started exchanging words but we never assaulted him as he claimed to the police,” said Trymore as Mukundi consented to the statement.

Meanwhile, Hillary told the court that he sustained injuries of his left arm after he was assaulted by the two because he had mistakenly left his wallet which had money to pay for the bananas he ate.

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