Man blames his wife for thier marriage collapse

Man blames his wife for thier marriage collapse


ZIMBABWE – A city man yesterday accused his ex-wife in court of being responsible for the collapse of their marriage.

Robert Chikwinya opened up at the Harare civil court where he was hauled by his ex-wife Bridget Makanya who was claiming maintenance for the upkeep of their two children.

“I need US$240 maintenance for the welfare of our two children since we separated with Robert.

“He does not even have other children except these two but he fails to be responsible.

“Right now, our first child’s school fees is being paid by my mother.

“I therefore need assistance of the court to get funds from Robert maybe life will be better for me,” said Bridget.

Robert blamed Bridget as the one who caused their separation as he disclosed the marital problems they had.

“Bridget caused more friction in our marriage each time we had an argument.

“I blame her because each time we quarreled she would report me to her parents.

“More so, she did not get along with my parents and relatives hence I could not tolerate that anymore.

“What I can only offer her for maintenance is US$45 because from my carpentry job I only realise US$150 per month,” he said.

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Robert to pay US$85 per month with effect from January 31.

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