Man bought beer using fake US dollar note

Man bought beer using fake US dollar note


ZIMBABWE – A 36-year-old man appeared in court on allegations of buying beer using a fake US$100 note.

Kelvin Kachidza pleaded guilty to fraud charges when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove.

He denied knowing that he was using a counterfeit note.

“Your honour l did not realise that the note was fake, this means that l was also conned. I am sorry for causing trouble please do not let me go to jail,” he said.

Kachidza was remanded to today for sentencing.

Circumstances are that on January 23 Kachidza went to Mary Namkasa’s house and bought a US$1 beer and paid his US$5 debt.

He was given US$94 change.

Mary realised that the note was fake a while after Kachidza left.

She went to him and asked him about it but he denied the accusation and refused to give her the change.

She then reported the matter to the police who arrested Kachidza.

He refused to tell the police where he got the note.

Kachidza managed to return US$60 from the change that he had been given and he told the police that he had already used the other money.

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