Man cought by wife secretly getting married to another women

Man cought by wife secretly getting married to another women


ZIMBABWE – A cheating man was yesterday caught by his wife secretly wedding another woman at the Harare magistrates’ court.

Pathville Itayi Mandiopera, 33, of No.19630 Damofalls, was caught by his wife whilst he was about to exchange vows with his lover, Twakaitai Siawela, 23.

The two were set to legalise their union before magistrate Batanai Madzingira.

Mandiopera’s wife stormed the marriage office where the two were about to exchange the vows and stopped the proceedings.

“The wife was with their child and she told the magistrate that he was Mandiopera’s wife.

“He did not deny it and he was just giggling as enquiries were being made.

“His girlfriend on the other hand was just looking in amazement.

“She could not believe it since they were not expecting to see her (Mandiopera’s wife) at court,” said a mole.

The mole also said that it appears as if Twakaitai was aware that her lover was married to another woman.

“From the way they reacted, it seems as if the woman was aware that he was married.

“She never shouted or raised any voice save to say that the man was humiliated in front of people who were watching.

“He simply walked out,” said the source.

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