Man denied relation to mother of his child

Man denied relation to mother of his child


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man ditched the mother of his child in court as he pursued maintenance downward variation, claiming that she was just a girlfriend of his who satisfied him sexually after he had divorced his wife.

Wellington Uta had hauled Alice Kudiwa to the Harare civil court where he seeking a downward variation claiming he had brought proof that he has three other children to look after.

He disclosed before the court that he was not expecting to have a child with Alice claiming that he had not married her as she was just a girlfriend he found solace in after he had divorced.

“I am pleading for maintenance downward variation from US$50 to US$10.

“When I was previously ordered to pay US$50 maintenance, I had no proof to show that I have three other children from my previous marriage.

“Alice was just my girlfriend and I got sex from her since I had divorced with my wife.

“I never married Alice but she got pregnant by mistake and I was not prepared to have a child with her.

“Now I am staying alone looking after my three other children and am hardly surviving with them.

“So US$50 maintenance for her and the child was just too much for me hence my plea is for it to do down to US$10,” said Wellington.

In response, Alice said:

“US$10 is not enough to feed the child Wellington gave me.

“That child wants to eat as well just like his three other children.

“I am not employed so I am actually expecting that maintenance offer to go up.

“What can I buy with that US$10?”

Presiding magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, dismissed Wellington’s application and ordered him to continue paying US$50.

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