Man dragged to civil court by ex-girlfriend claiming that he insults her

Man dragged to civil court by ex-girlfriend claiming that he insults her


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man was yesterday dragged to the civil court by his ex-girlfriend who is claiming that he is insulting and threatening her.

Charity Gocho told the court that Samson Komboni does not want to accept that their relationship is over.

“I broke up with Samson but he refuses to leave me alone, he comes to my house in the knight and parks his car in my yard and sleep inside his car till morning.

“I tried to tell him to leave me alone and move on but this always results with home yelling at me and insulting me.

“He recently came to my workplace and parked his car behind mine; he marched into my office and began demanding the money he paid for me as bride price.

“I then referred him to my uncles and this did not go well with him, he stormed out of my office and smashed my car before he sped off.

“My prayer to this court is to grant me the protection order so that I can live peacefully without Samson insulting me,” she said.

In response Samson said:

“These are all lies because I have never slept at her place ever since the break up.

“As for the car, it was an accident because I had no intention to destroy the car; however I am already paying her for all the damages.

“You may go ahead and grant the protection order, but since we work together, how am I supposed to relate to her?” he asked.

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa granted the protection order in favour of Charity and told Samson to maintain peace with her at all times.

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