Man faked his age to have illegal relation to minor

Man faked his age to have illegal relation to minor


ZIMBABWE – A 21-year-old man is accused of faking his age to a minor girl in a bid to have sexual intercourse with her.

Titus Kanyama pleaded not guilty to allegations of bedding a 15-year- old minor whom he had lied to that he was 16 years old.

The trial of the matter continues today.

Whilst making her submissions in court, the minor said she thought she was having a relationship with a person of her age since Titus had informed her that he was 16 years old.

“I didn’t know he was that old, I got to know of his real age when we went to the police station after my aunt had reported the matter, before that I thought I was dating someone of my age since had told me that he was sixteen years old.

“He lied to me because I had told him that I only date guys of my age, I was comfortable to spend time with him that is why I even went to his place of residence because I thought he was younger,” she said.

However, Titus said he never disclosed his age to the minor, he also confirmed sleeping with her but said he assumed she was older than her real age.

“We dated for three weeks and for that period we have never discussed about our ages, the mistake I did was that I never thought of asking how old she was.

“I slept with him because he forced me to do so, I never knew going to his place would result in us having sexual intercourse,” she said

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