Man is charged to pay US$100 per month to the family

Man is charged to pay US$100 per month to the family


ZIMBABWE – A Chitungwiza man who is accused of divorcing his wife after finding out that their child was mentally challenged was ordered to pay US$100 per month.

During the hearing of the matter, Margaret Shato had informed the court that her estranged husband Dennis Chimombe fled from their matrimonial home when doctors proved that their child had a mental problem

“We only stayed together the first nine months of our marriage, during the 10th month we took the child for medical examinations and after we observed some strange behaviour on the child, it was revealed to us that the child had a mental problem.

“He didn’t accept the situation as it was and he then decided to leave the matrimonial house leaving me looking after the child on my own,” said Margaret.

She added that Dennis was in a position to pay the US$150 since he earned US$530 per month.

“I do understand that he now has another family but US$150 which I am claiming from him is not much considering that he earns US$530 per month, I need the money to pay rent, medication, clothes and food for the child,” she said.

In response, Dennis denied divorcing Margaret because of their child’s condition.

“Our breakup had nothing to do with the child’s condition, we had our own differences which made us part ways.

“As for the US$150 that she wants, I cannot give her that amount, I am proposing to give her US$50 since the child is already on my medical aide,” he said.

The presiding magistrate ordered Dennis to pay US$70 per month with effect from January 31 next year.

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