Man pleaded in the court to have the custody of his children

Man pleaded in the court to have the custody of his children


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man is at odds with his ex-wife who is denying to give him access and custody of his four children.

Livingstone Magura told the Harare civil court that his former wife Debra Gamara forcibly took the children from him when they separated.

Livingstone pleaded with the court to help him have access to his children.

“The children are staying with her parents in Budiriro and I find it hard for me that her parents look after my children.

“I have been paying school fees for the children before she forcibly took them away from me. I want to stay with my children and my new wife is willing to look after them.

“I plead with the court to grant me the children since she does not allow me to have time with them.

“Since from the time she moved out, the chance never got the chance to meet with me.

“When I phone them they always tell me that they miss me,” he said.

In response Debra told the court that she could not give the children to Livingstone.

“He is not worth enough to be with the children, they are still too young to be away from me.

“My parents promised to help me look after them. I will grant him access to the children if he is willing to make peace with me.

“Each time we meet he assaults or insults me. I’m afraid that if I grant him the children he will abuse them since he is an abusive man.

“I will not allow another woman to look after my children,” she said.

The matter appeared before magistrate Ruth Samukange; she deferred it to November 28 when she will pass her ruling.

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