Man slapped with community service for molesting women

Man slapped with community service for molesting women


ZIMBABWE – A city man was slapped with community service for fondling his neighbour‘s breast after pretending he wanted to buy cigarettes from her.

32-year-old Jefrery Muriwo pleaded not guilty before he was proved guilty when appeared before Mbare magistrate Kudzai Zihove charged with indecent assault.

Muriwo was sentenced to nine months, five months were suspended provided he does not commit the similar offense in five years, and four months were suspended provided he performs 146 hours community service.

The State led by Yvonne Gurira proved that on December 9, Muriwo went to the complainant‘s vending stall and found no one available.

Realising the complaint’s presence, Muriwo then called the complainant and told her that he wanted to buy cigarettes.

When the complainant drew close to Muriwo he held her and fondled her breast.

When the complainant began to cry Muriwo fled and the complainant called her uncle who then chased after Muriwo.

When the complainant’s uncle failed to get hold of Muriwo he called for the help of a passer-by who then managed to catch Muriwo.

The complainant then dragged the Muriwo to the police leading to his arrest.

When he appeared before the magistrate Muriwo denied fondling his 11-year-old neighbour’s breasts and said the whole story had been fabricated to settle old gudges.

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