Man was attacked by his wife’s ex-husband for accompanying the wife to take her child in Hopely last Saturday


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ZIMBABWE – The 44- year old Josiah Samusonza almost met his fate after being struck by a hoe on the chest as Forward Mapingire couldn’t stomach seeing the man who was now with his ex-wife, Angela Nyambura.

Although Josiah wants compensation from Forward, Angela is blaming him for being possessive arguing that he had no reason to accompany her to Hopley.

“He hit me with a hoe on my chest as soon as he found out that I was accompanying my wife.

“He even tried to mobilise people to attack me before I escaped. I was already coughing blood by the time I escaped,” he said.

“I don’t even know why he attacked me, is it a crime that I had decided to go with my wife to pick her child. Angela has a child from his previous marriage with Forward and she had asked to have the child for the holiday”.

Narrating the events of that day, Angela who was at first hesitant to talk about the issue arguing that if Forward is arrested, no one will pay her child’s fees, said he attacked her as upon realising that she had company.

“He was refusing to give me the child saying it was late hence I should sleep and take the child in the morning. I then told him that I had come with my husband hence we were safe.

“This is when he started beating me accusing me of trying to make him feel jealousy by bringing my new husband.  He intervened when he heard Forward beating me that is when he attacked him with a hoe,” she said.

Angela however blames both the two man for being possessive adding that this is the reason they ended up fighting.

“He is very possessive yet he doesn’t want to take care of my child. When I met him I told him my circumstances that I was married before therefore had a child from the other marriage.

“Forward also beat him because he was jealousy that he had accompanied me. Please allow us to deal with this as a family without any interference,” added Angela.

“If this story is published, I will leave you (referring to Josiah),” she warned him.

Josiah insists that he loves his wife of eight months after all this although he says his family does not approve that he takes care of the wife’s child from the previous marriage.

“We have been together for seven months now and I love my wife but where I come from, we don’t take care of other people’s children.

“Isu anaSamusodza anaSamanyika hatichengete vana vasiri verudzi rwedu. I wanted to take care of the child but that will cause problems with my relatives,” he argued.

Angela blames Josiah for failing to be man enough and make his own decisions.

“He knew I already had a child from my previous marriage and now he is refusing to stay with the child. He could not have been attacked if we were staying with the child.

“As old as he is, he is controlled by his family and cannot make his own decisions. I’m so sick of all that,” she said.

She however still insisted that she didn’t want the story published threatening to end the marriage if it was published.

“Why did you even bring these H-Metro people here, how is that going to help us.

“This will create more problems for us and if the story comes in the paper then I will leave you,” she further threatened.

Josiah has since made a police report and the case number is RRB2668812 and vows not to rest until he is compensated.

“How am I going to work after this attack? He has to compensate me. I don’t understand why he attacked me when he has moved on to marry another woman”.

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