Marriage is not a game, you have to pay

Marriage is not a game, you have to pay


ZIMBABWE – Love is blind so they say, but when marriage problems are on fire, it seems one begins to see more.

Edith Chimbeya supposedly thought her ex-hubby Fungai Poteredza spoilt her with money from his messenger profession, however it came out otherwise after their separation that he was just a gabbage collector.

This came to light at the Harare civil court where Edith had dragged Fungai for maintenance.

“I want US$105 maintenance from Fungai for the upkeep of our child.

“We separated because we could not go along in our marriage.

“Fungai can afford my maintenance claim since he is a messenger who earns US$250,” said Edith.

In response, Fungai said:

“I can only offer US$20 maintenance for that child.

“Am surprised all along she did not discover or know that I am only a garbage collector earning US$80.

“I also have another child, which is another responsibility,” he said.

Magistrate Barbara Mateko, who presided over the matter, ordered Fungai to US$25 maintenance by consent, with effect from December 31.

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