Mawere gathers momentum ahead of elections


SOUTH AFRICAN -based Zimbabwean businessman and academic, Mutumwa Mawere, has raised the tempo of his Presidential campaign bid as leader of the newly formed United Movement for Democracy Party (UMDP) with his direct pop shots at his opponents.

On his Facebook wall Mawere blasts Zanu PF saying they have failed Zimbabwe and says; “If they are given a new term whats new”?

“Enough is enough Zimbabweans its time for a united movement”!

“Zimbabweans how do you feel about your constitution being managed by Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara?

“In my view the three have nothing to do with the constitution because it belongs to the people.”

“why should the executive reject or edit what people want”?

He goes on to say: “Minister of finance is MDC-T and the Reserve Bank Governor is Zanu-PF they are both in agreement that the local banks should raise $100 million? I am looking to empowerment instead saw oppression.”

Mawere goes on to appeal to the youths: “Youths of Zimbabwe you are invited to be part of the only way going forward for Zimbabwe.”

“Mutumwa Mawere is a Zimbabwean businessman who has beyond doubt build the most successful and powerful business empire in the history of Zimbabwe and Africa at large. The quality of a man he is in business is a inspiration to the youths.”

“The GREAT QUALITIES of a leader have been proven. Being AFRICA HERITAGE SOCIETY PRESIDENT, He has shown the world how to lead people, create jobs and run successful business.”

“Beyond doubt Mawere is going to be “His Excellency the president of the republic of Zimbabwe” in this lifetime.”

Responding to attacks on his Facebook wall, Mr Mawere said: “It is sad that fellow Zimbabweans see things negatively starting with Mawere’s citizenship by birth he qualifies to benefit as a Zimbabwean.

“Its a matter of giving up his citizenship to never think that Mawere who build a powerful empire in the history of Zimbabwe can not rise to be president in fact you too can be president so what more Mawere never put a ceiling for anyone in life you will be shocked. Gareth Garikai Mutyambizi Dewa let’s start the debate if you say Zanu PF hasn’t failed the country tell us what it has done in good faith.

Mawere’s UMDP is predominantly made up of breakaway MDC99 structures. Influential and brave former MDC99 Spokesperson, Aaron Muzungu, and Vice President, Biviana Musimi, are among its members.

“After falling out with the MDC99 leader, Job Sikhala, on matters of strategy, we realized that to achieve our objective of democratically changing the political dispensation in the country, we had to break away and form a new political party under the leadership of Mutumwa Mawere,” said UMDP National Spokesperson, Aaron Muzungu.

Visionary leader

Muzungu described Mawere as a practical and able leader with a vision. “Mawere is the man and most suitable candidate to head Zimbabwe. His business successes speak volumes about his leadership capabilities. He has what it takes to restore Zimbabwe’s lost economic, social and political glory.”

He said since political events were moving fast, UMDP would announce its interim structures at the September launch and embark on vigorous campaigns in preparation for coming elections. If elections were to be held in the distant future, Muzungu said the party would go to congress at a date to be announced before making inroads into the electorate for membership recruitment.

“The congress would endorse the presidency of Mawere and Biviana Musinami as his vice. Party structures suggested that I, (Muzungu), should hold the secretary general portfolio. Other national and provincial executive members are expected to retain positions they held at MDC99, though with some minor changes. As a party, we would maintain the objectives we valued dearly at MDC99. We would throw everything into the fight towards democratically removing President Robert Mugabe from power,” said the firebrand Muzungu.

MDC99 fight on

He added that he would miss Job Sikhala’s strength and bravery as a fighter for democracy. MDC99 vice Secretary General, Danuel Dhimbo, said his party would continue to grow “from strength to strength”.

“We dismissed some of these people from MDC99 because of their dishonesty and wayward behaviour.” Sikhala could not be reached for comment as he was reported to be out of the country.

He recently told the media, that he dismissed Muzungu and others from MDC99 as he could no longer trust them.

Political observers have welcomed Mawere onto the political scene, describing his move as healthy for democracy.

On his Facebook Wall, there has been mixed reactions by members of the public with some backing him and some aggressive attacks from members of both Zanu PF and the MDC.

Searchmore Muringani– Why at ths time Mawere do u thnk u bring change 2 the pple of Zim wasvorei MDC-T yanga yava mulast mile yekuchinja saka iwe urikuda change ipi. Just exercise ur democratic right bt let me remind u wants again tht u cnt fool Zimbabweans l knw every 1 above 35yrs ws Zanu pf bt iwe wave Zanu pf Agend. U ar dreamng if u thnk u remove Mugabe hope yevanhu iri pana Morgan T chete nt u poor Mawere u ar ill advised.U wr in thr 2gthr wth thm.It took Tsvangirai 2 shw u tht zizi harina nyanga.Nw evry Jack and Gill wnts 2 b president bt we knw tht u only wnt 2 confuse th voters.

Oswell Jeranyama– “What wrong with the MDC-T candidate who did it in 2008 and is still popular with the electorate? Is it wise to bring a new candidate into the race at the eleventh hour?Is this about attempting to bring the right leadership to Zimbabwean political landscape or disturbing it? I like Mr Mawere and respects his knowledge and experience BUT I do not think the timing is right.”

Brighton Musonza, responsing to Mollin Munyaradzi Ziwira, “any politician can make all promises of goodies in nicely written glossy pamphlets as party manifestos or superb deliverance on press conferences or rallies. Its easy doing that and it is their primordial right of birth of doing so. I’ve already criticised (not challenged) the process in which Mr Mawere has lunged-in. He has not publicly convened an interim meeting that elects him as party leader but he is already calling himself the Presidential candidate which to me sounds a bit awkward, unless he wants to tell us he is running a one man-show. There is always a common conventional processes in which parties are formed and leaders are elected.

It starts by interim leadership, then a party convention which elects leaders and then leaders declare their ambitions to challenge for national leadership. I do very much respect Mr Mawere and his past track record as a businessman and I have followed his writings in recent years.

I have also been sympathetic to the way he lost his business empire, but we have to abide by the unwritten rule book or otherwise we continue piling-up a bunch of warring egotistic elitists in our politics who can’t agree on anything and they look at this nation and its subjects as one giant class room and we’re their students. If you have a careful look at the current political scene; University lecture rooms have emptied the lecturers into politics and with them they bring-in their petty academic rivalry and the result is a prolonged political conflict as a result of their unbridled political hubris.

Nehanda Kaguvi Mugabe, – “Zimbabwe doesnt allow dual citizenship,i remember him wanting the south african gvm to help him fight smm coz he is their citizen. Mawere is south african by adoption thats his first hurdle.

Phillip Madzimure Mawere is the spokesman of disposited Madagacan leader.

Mollin Munyaradzi Ziwira –  Brighton Musonza .. “As Zimbabweans we have complained a lot abt everything. We ought to blame ourselves for everything we not happy for in our country ..i wonder if we are given the chance to serve our nation what will you do? I am sure we do worse than what we have on our table. We need to change the way we think as Zimbabweans ..we need to go back to our first love for our country.”

“We all forgot why we fought for freedom. Why are we not all involved in the matters of our country the same way we all got involved during Chimurenga war? We won our freedom because we were in one accord. We lost focus and its all abt me and my gold mine and my farms. We all need to enjoy the land of Zimbabwe. No matter who comes to power if he not strong enough to bring us together we will fall ( united we stand and divided we fall )At times PHD will not do much to serve a nation but wisdom does..and wisdom comes from God if we ask for it.”

“I cant wait to hear Zimbabweans speaking with one voice. All we good at is criticizing each other a spirit to break progress.. Most of us have children and i wonder what are we to tell them abt our Zimbabwe or what will they inherit from us??? 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.. I am a daughter of Zimbabwe and i am proud of men and women who have given their life so we can have freedom and just. We have a lot of heroes in our country and i pray we continue to pursue the will of God for our country..Zimbabwe. ONE LOVE!”

Justice Chembwa mjtumwa –  mawere for presidency in Zimbabwe thats idealism but realism is that zanu pf will rule until chickens come home to roost.

Jackson Muzivi –  Zvatanga manje how can a South African become a Zimbabwean President. Kana mashaya madii kungonyurura ini from nowhere. we wait to see when he registers to contest and only then will we take him seriously.

Aggrey Gumisai  – Mawere contributed to the rot in this country through his corrupt acts whilst he was enjoying power through unholy alliances. What would make anyone suddenly believe he is a saint. This is a guy who is bitter because he lost an empire he had corruptly built using peoples’ resources. Now how can this sour grapes case become a credible president, the weakness of crooks is that they think they can fool all the people al the time. This guy pushed a fake indigenisation program which infact was a disguised self enriching scam with his cronies against whom he now wants everybody to join in condemning. Chawakadya chinomuka!

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