MDC Formations No Longer A Threat To ZANU PF


BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change multi-factions, divided or united, now pose no threat in the country’s political landscape.

The formally vibrant Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change of the late nineties had devastatingly redefined Zimbabwe’s political atmosphere in the 2000 historical elections that saw multitudes of the then ruling ZANU PF stalwarts irretrievable facing the political dust-bin in their respective constituencies. While president Mugabe’s tenure as head of state had become more speculative by day.

The virgin party had become a household name over-night! Zimbabweans had chosen to be heard! Citizens highlighted what they described as governance too unbearable discrepancies in the hands of the former liberation movement!

Time had come to question the ever growing levels of poverty, uncontrollable disease, escalating hunger due to continued dispatch of contrabands of grain from The Grain Marketing Board, political brutality and all-round intolerance by the country’s chosen few with Insiza district, in Matabeleland South, recording a grain contraband suicide of a prominent councilor who was also “chief of contraband logistics” as the threat of investigations had become imminent and was, unavoidably, likely to swallow the local mafia leadership and senior members of ZANU PF in the district.

Zimbabweans had come to highly despise ZANU PF prevalent “chefdom first, people last” approach. This had brought about a hurried wholesome resentment of the prevailing system of governance and generated new hopes of quality governance. The general feeling was that of citizenry betrayal by a revolutionary party on which they had heavily invested on for the anticipated and unnegotiable freedom dividend.

ZANU PF fell hard on panic mode as the Movement for Democratic Change became more aggressive articulating a democratic dispensation whose time had come. The period between September 1999 and September 2009 was dominated by a mixture of both joy and turmoil as all political players had become more keen with either growth or survival tactics which, in many cases, stipulated excess investment in brutality there by making citizen life “brutal, nasty and short” at the expense of the most desired democratic order.

The Movement for democratic Change split over the ZANU PF introduction of senatorial seats in 2005 with Morgan Tsvangirai opting for a boycott while the majority of his party felt participation would have been a big plus for the party in terms of bargaining power over ZANU PF. Tsvangirai’s party, before the split, had continued to gain momentum despite all forms of set backs which included ZANU PF violent hold onto power.

The time for change had come! The moment for real freedom, real independence with Tsvangirai as the people’s favourite jockey having build up his populism as an eloquent trade unionist who passionately articulated the people’s nerve wrecking poverty.

ZANU PF unceremonious departure had become more imminent by day and political prostitutes had started positioning themselves for the inevitable and usual gladiation in search for greener pastures in the envisaged new order! Least did anyone think that greed had no boundaries even amongst the self proclaimed democrats.

Alas! The vibrant party fragmented and has continued to do so at an alarming rate with many of its cadres protestantly raring to lead against Tsvangirai’s unsophisticated leadership style being the rallying point.

Within a short space of time in a period of less than ten years, at a time that the party had matured enough to overwhelmingly win any democratic election, the party ran out of steam, creativity and tolerance within itself! Morgan Tsvangirai had unexpectedly sunk into being a major and devastating liability in the party! The new faction of the movement came into being led by the party’s then secretary general, Welshman Ncube, and later professor Arthur Mutambara was invited to lead this faction.

Another short while later professor Mutambara broke away from the Welshman Ncube faction in protest of a vote of no confidence against his leadership. Mutambara broke-away to lead his own much smaller other brand of the Movement for Democratic Change. And later another faction led by a former Movement for Democratic Change fire-brand hooligan activist, Job Sikhala, as Movement for Democratic Change 99, which also later split with disgraced business mogul Mutumwa Mawere introducing something new in the political landscape. United we stand; divided we fall! Alas! The ever brave movement broke into more than four factions there-by naturally rendering itself incompetent to win any legitimate election.

The movement has entrenched ZANU PF rule by default! This outrageous behavior has played an effective repellant factor to its followers who regret their blind investment. While the movement has experienced mass exodus within its factions, the hardest hit being the main faction led by Tsvangirai as multitudes of its loyalists have inevitably traced their footprints back to ZANU PF in disgust of the leadership vacuum within the movement.

Party vice president, Thokozani Khuphe, a retired typist clerk from the National Railways of Zimbabwe typing pool, an invisible personality of no political consequence whose presence makes no great difference from her absence, a perfect product of a token tribal affirmative action arrangement within Tsvangirai’s party, has retired into “panic mode” in her traditional Makokoba constituency chickening-out to her home village in Bubi. Her only two known achievements so far have been her successful campaign to the Bulawayo City Council to deny the Honourable Vice President Landa John Nkomo’s conferment of the Freedom of The City status and going public about her breast cancer ailment.

She had been fevered by the overwhelming exodus of her party faithful in urban areas to both the Welshman Ncube faction and ZANU PF. Mugabe has been openly acknowledged as a more competent man than Tsvangirai with his scary erotic equilibrium that has seen the ZANU PF Women’s League taking cover at the mention of the name “Tsvangirai” in fear of the ruthless weapon of mass destruction within his pants.

Morgan Tsvangirai has remained a prominent sexual sniper within ZANU PF’s Women’s League and the insignificant opposition PUMA party Youth League there-by drawing no lesson from the biblical heroes, Samson and King Solomon who sacrificed national interests and security in favour of bed-hoping alien women.

PUMA is one invisible political player in Zimbabwe politics and brain-child of political stalwart, and founder of ZANU PF, Enos Nkala, advancing the need for devolution of power to the provinces in the quest to develop Matabeleland. Morgan Tsvangirai left everybody worried as he made headlines with his amorous invasion of the ZANU PF Women’s League there by looting two beauties in a matter of weeks and attempting to marry them all, and his eventual staging of a hurried divorce of the other and later retaining one.

For ZANU PF it was a matter of mixed joy and disbelief! Even for ZANU PF politburo member and father to one of the women in question, Joseph Macheka. The family of the other beauty, Leorcadia Karimatsenga Tembo of Goromonzi, remained so resentful to the point of getting the amorous Zimbabwean premier dragged to a traditional court and facing conviction for marrying in the shona traditionally sacred month of November 2011.

Tsvangirai’s outrageous sexual desires led Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai’s Senator Morgan Femai of Chikomo constituency to ridiculously pray women to stay dirty and inattractive as a means of protecting them against hiv/aids in a public address of an hiv/aids workshop.

The man was just short of saying the women should stay dirty and inattractive in order to survive Tsvangirai’s weapon of mass destruction within his pants! The party wants to reverse evolution for the good of women and its leader! Femai wants to condemn women to the zoos for the good of Tsvangirai!

One wonders which of the countries of the world would be efficiently governed without women! And where these men who are all products of women would come from if women would be reversed into apes! This forces everyone to interrogate the kind of governance Morgan Tsvangirai would likely usher in, in the post ZANU PF Zimbabwe! Governance of the jungle with “zero” sexual temperance!

Morgan Tsvangirai least imagined the effects of shopping from a prominent enemy’s stable at the expense of those beauties who aspired for the position of “first lady” within his movement’s women’s league and amongst Tsvangirai’s party sympathisers. It would be interesting to know as to why he so despised the women who receive, sing, dance, vote and protect him in both good and bad times in favour of the enemy camp! And what the Movement for Democratic Change’s Women’s League reaction to this episode would be! Naturally the women would be upset despite the fact that they might not be granted a platform to express themselves on the matter, but save at election time! At election time the women would be entitled not only to effective but devastating communication with Australia’s hero through the ballot.

Unless if Morgan Tsvangirai derived lots of inspiration from Liberian former president Charles Taylor who crossed the floor into an opposition tribe and married the then governor of the Reserve Bank of Liberia in the pretext of fostering national unity, the kind of national unity that saw him flee his country and ending up appearing before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Above the two ZANU PF Women’s League cases, the man has been proved to be a reckless and serial bed-hopper whose erotic equilibrium was ever out of balance as evidenced by the number of his illegitimate children with youngsters some of whom could have been of his children’s age, unlike Mandela.

In a Tsvangirai Movement for Democratic Change rally in Chinhoyi dominated by white farmers who signed piles of cheques for him, dupped” The Cheque Rally”, one cannot help interrogating the event as to whether these cheques were in purchase of the alleged democracy for Zimbabwe, or Zimbabwe as a country, and as to what impact to Tsvangirai himself and his handlers this could have made! And as to what interpretation the general public could have given to this event! Definitely unkind! And Mandela, unlike Tsvangirai, never sold anything in his quest for freedom.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s biggest blunder was premised in the manner in which he has gambled away his greatest opportunity of displaying inspirational and real creative and corrective administrative measures to what he had continuously referred to as “ZANU PF misgovernance” in those formally ZANU PF held local authorities won by his party.

Since his assumption of control of the formerly illustriously governed Bulawayo City Council, the city has fallen under “kangaroo siege” with a more plummeting service record, and a shameless tyrant in the form of its Movement for Democratic Change incumbent mayor, Thaba Moyo, who knows no sensible response to the real voices of political reason other than ordering everyone “to go to hell” even in a matter that had to do with the conferment of the “freedom of the city status” on a political and administrative luminary of Landa John Nkomo stature.

An unwavering pillar of strength inspired by undying loyalty to the people of Zimbabwe, a ferocious fighter and yet he hurt no-one other than the settler-colonial dominion, a political luminary who had protected even Tsvangirai, during and after the liberation struggle and as Minister of Home Affairs.

The touchingly honest broom that performed a dedicated sweep at the Ministry of Local Government that had sunk into administrative nausea over the years! Tsvangirai or non Tsvangirai affiliated, no normal person or council could question Landa John Nkomo’s credentials and this makes the citizens of Zimbabwe very angry with Morgan Tsvangirai’s trivialization of the nation’s godfathers of Landa John Nkomo’s performance during the country’s quest for freedom and after the attainment of independence.

Such compliance would have naturally increased Tsvangirai’s political mileage, but, him and his overzealous party remain too politically unsophisticated to take such uncontested strategic advantage. The Movement for Democratic Change conveniently makes no mention of Bulawayo’s pioneer black mayor who was also an undisputed political luminary and accomplished freedom fighter, former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly and current Vice President of The Zimbabwe Senate, Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, as deserving the “freedom of the city” acknowledgement for cheap political reasons.

Zimbabweans aspire for genuine freedom through an authentic and factual revolution. Unavoidably, due to Tsvangirai’s highly distorted accountability of events the citizens have begun to question and find the Movement for Democratic Change governance rather risk-ridden and dangerous, and, therefore, have chosen to avoid it at all costs as it premises itself on exposing heroes of the liberation struggle and the nation’s genuine luminaries to immeasurable shame.

Or, in a matter of rehabilitating the provincial heroes acre in Nkulumane for the August 2012 commemorations, he takes it for an unworthy privilege to the nation and still expects to be acknowledged and voted into power to rule all Zimbabweans and their embarrassed heroes of all makes. Or, when the organizers of the King Mzilikazi commemoration seek permission to display the requisite posters the Tsvangirai council draws daggers against what could have been a great public relations engagement for the respective party.

Tsvangirai council refused to celebrate the founder of Bulawayo and the Matabele Kingdom, a politically strategic constituency, at no cost and preferred to cement relations with the unAfrican Gays and Lesbian Association whom the party allowed to enshrine its presence by erecting pink liter bins throughout the city inspired by Australian premier Julia Gillard’s advocacy for same sex marriages.

In all the Tsvangirai dominated local authorities corruption and rampant hurried looting of public resources remains the order of the day. Australia’s Julia Gillard and the French government have failed to differentiate between Tsvangirai’s transformation of Zimbabwe “local governance to local scandals, or transformation of the respective local authorities to local disasters”! Decision-making based on outrageously poor research! The Tsvangirai dominated Gweru City Council was on record as having disposed of a council fleet vehicle at a paltry US$7.00 which would have been enough to buy a bottle of cheap brandy, in favour of a party councilor among other scandals.

Tsvangirai dominated Beit Bridge Town Council went prominent on land grabs in favour of Tsvangirai councilors. Tsvangirai dominated Bulawayo City Council further went crazy with outrageous councilors and council bureaucrats perks too good to be found on earth. Tsvangirai dominated Zvishavane Town Council is on record as having had its councilors descending on the town’s meager resources with falsified tenders commonly known as the “Tendergate Scandal”.

This entailed fraudulant presentation, acceptance, processing and payment respectively of such tenders at inflated figures proceeds of which were later shared amongst the respective councilors as illicit fringe benefits at the rate payer’s expense. While Victoria Falls Town Council which was also a Tsvangirai dominion had gone on an unrestricted lucrative spending spree on councilors luxuries and yet the respective town employees have gone for several months without pay while rate payers have been held hostage in terms of the anticipated qualitative service delivery as opposed to the ever sky-rocketing bills. That is naked fraud! Municipal pick pocketing of rate payers of the worst order! And all the major cities remain close to being reduced to ghost towns with councilors in looting stampedes of the respective institutional resources.

Real governance is local governance. Local governance remains the most lucrative and strategic seat for all national governance aspirants. Morgan Tsvangirai’s party has depicted its incompetencies beyond doubt to the detriment of the respective organization and the rate payer aspirations. Having prominently performed well in most urban areas at the desperate 2008 elections, this has left Zimbabwe urbanites either under Tsvangirai or the various central government appointed commission’s siege.

Morgan Tsvangirai overwhelmingly suffers from an acute lack of vision, strategy and tact. This is a politician of high aspirations but who, like Zambia’s former president, founder and leader of the trade union premised Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, most recklessly and abusively shoots his Trojan horse, the worker, on the foot before completion of the journey. Through political negligence Tsvangirai kicked off the ladder before end of climb, and yet he still had to install a hoped for, electric elevator as a suitable substitute! Permanently botched climb for him with or without divine intervention from Nigeria!

Even God would be very ashamed to have such a mentally ill-equipped president for the people of Zimbabwe! Due to his multi-fractured political incompetencies, like the late Chiluba, he has severed his relations with the trade union movement on whose spine he became premier of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and for Gillard that makes him a Mandela equal! It remains a matter of great interest to find out as to how he has so prominently impressed the Australian prime minister and yet at the same time outrageously depressed the people of Zimbabwe.

Of late, to Zimbabweans, Morgan Tsvangirai commands of “zero” presidential material in a matter where “zero” unambiguously means “zero”. Tsvangirai abundantly lacks the requisite administrative and political astuteness but remains sufficiently lucky to impress South Africa’s Hellen Zille and controversial Australian premier Julia Gillard and the various other western establishments beyond measure.

He remains as too much of a prompt and reckless present-tense thinker/planner who pays little attention to yesterday and knows totally nothing about tomorrow. Hellen Zille, a most controversial woman and premier of the Western Cape province of South Africa, remains prominent for her high disregard of women talent as evidenced by her appointment of an all male cabinet of ten in the Western Cape province.

This, in her unholy standards, classifies her as the only competent woman in her Democratic Alliance party. This remains not only false, but very cruel and rude to women. And yet different from Tsvangirai due to the fact that she has administratively out-performed the ruling African National Congress and added more studs to her political collar solely on administrative competencies, inevitably, there-by growing her party! However, Zille’s government experienced devastating poor service delivery protests in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, recently.

Premier Julia Gillard sickly refers to Tsvangirai as a Mandela equal at a time when his blunders have energized Zimbabweans to desperately remobilize themselves back to ZANU PF and to the Welshman Ncube led faction of the Movement for Democratic Change. Australian premier Julia Gillard misrepresented a habitual erotic sniper who has kept the ZANU PF Women’s League President, Oppah Muchinguri, working over time in her endeavour to protect its defenceless members from Zimbabwe’s “bulling premier” on the loose.

Judging by the above, Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change remains a long “by gone” of no return. The movement has been such a blessing to ZANU PF as it successfully highlighted weaknesses, threatened to legitimately cease power, and then, of late, sunk into a mere inarticulate pressure group, there by granting ZANU PF a smart grace period to re-invent itself for another competitive presence in the political landscape. ZANU PF’s biggest challenge remains within itself! The party urgently needs to introspect and manage out of itself all “enshrined mafia” activity that has caused itself protestant public resentment beyond measure.

ZANU PF needs to take bold measures against its errant officials who have grossly misrepresented the institution at all levels. Land and donor food looting from defenceless party followers has enstranged the electorate! The turn-out of events in Matabeleland South where ZANU PF political predaters have instituted a parallel illicit land reform programme that entails land repossession from poor party loyalist-beneficiaries of the government official land reform programme for sale in cash or kind to diasporans!

The Member of Parliament for Insiza North, who is also the Deputy Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare and ZANU PF chair for Matabeleland South has championed illicit land and small scale mine invasions against the party rank and file with his family. The Langa family’s “Langagate Scandal” with the District Administrator Ms Sithandiwe Ncube serving in an ex-officio capacity and, inevitably, a beneficiary to proceeds.

And a local notorious political thug Sipeya Sithole serving as a “Sergeant-In-Arms” to the Langagate Scandal whose task was to enforce violent citizen evictions. Sipeya Sithole has also declared himself as an aspiring ZANU PF Senatorial candidate for Insiza in the next election and has already gone on an early election campaign/ vote buying whirl-wind crusade against the incumbent senator Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu.

Sipeya also claims to be the party provincial security secretary for Matabeleland South. Sipeya Sithole has vowed to open a can of worms in the event that his partner-in-crime, incumbent member of Parliament for Insiza North, Honourable Andrew Langa, who also aspires for the same senatorial seat, attempts to dress him out of his aspirations. The Langagate Scandal has prevailed above the party and government policies on land reform and mining regulations to the detriment of both the party and government in Matabeleland South.

Vehicles, livestock and cash have exchanged hands in this manner. While Patrick Hove, a close ally of Langa in political crime until the two fell-out of each other over unlawful small-scale mine raids, from Midlands Mberengwa, himself a cousin to movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai’s Sekai Holland, [nee Hove}, a loser in the previous election in Insiza South constituency where his most brutal campaign left lots of casualties as voters protested his expatriate status, has positioned himself for Insiza North and was also already on a campaign trail for the next election to counter Honourable Andrew Langa’s annointed heir to the constituency, his beloved wife maSibanda, while he {Langa} pursues his aspirations into Khutshwekhaya’s senatorial position.

For the currently Movement for Democratic Change-Ncube held Insiza South constituency Honourable Langa had forwarded his financial God Father, Bulisani Membar Tshuma, despite his non-membership of ZANU PF, as first choice and his brother Johnson Vakatsha Langa as second choice. The diLangarisation,diSipeyarisation and the diHoverisation of ZANU PF in Insiza would make an enormous investment for the party as these personalities have, overtime, transformed themselves into real “political Kangaroos” in Matabeleland South to the detriment of the respective party and government of the day.

The sidelining of Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu for a while spelt gross disaster for the party in Insiza. Senior ZANU PF and government officials have exploited the political conflict to enrich themselves as all attention has been deployed on suppressing Tsvangirai’s party. ZANU PF’s biggest challenge remains as that of poverty eradication, creative conflict management, enshrining of citizen good health and effective famine management, and tracking the maize contrabands from the Grain Marketing Board since 2006 to unknown destinations when citizens went through excruciating hunger and poverty.

ZANU PF faces the challenge to make the best with, through, by and for the people. The biggest challenge facing ZANU PF remains as that of improving the people’s quality of living by lawful means! Creating a genuine environment with the capacity to enshrine equitable distribution of resources. Even the opposition has severally acknowledged president Mugabe as a man of rare qualities, as being consistent and highly inspirational with outstanding achievements that cannot be equated to the poorly exposed Tsvangirai.

Professor Mutambara fell out of favour with his party, the Movement for Democratic Change-Ncube for acknowledging Mugabe’s real strengths. ZANU PF faces the challenge to take advantage of such luminaries for the betterment of the party as an institution. ZANU PF stalwarts have to desist from paying excess attention on president Mugabe. Too much time has been spent on drawing presidential attention as against electoral.

All in ZANU PF strive to be seen and heard praise-wooing a ZANU PF number one loyalist who founded the party in former cabinet minister and now enstranged ZANU PF founding father, Enos Nkala’s Highfield house on the 8th of August 1963. Seeking to convert Mugabe into ZANU PF would be an exercise as futile as seeking to convert God to Christianity.

Therefore, the party big-wigs must wake up and deploy themselves more creatively. Therefore, safe, fine and sound! Mugabe would be the last person to leave the respective party. ZANU PF needs to re-examine the “strongman” approach to political administration! Modern politics no longer call for strong and indispensable men but rather strong institutions. Reliable and transparent! Xolela Mangcu in his work published in The Sunday Times in 2010 advocates for strong parliaments, honest police forces, independent judges, independent press and a vibrant and legitimate private sector with the capacity to reduce numbers of the unemployed on the streets, and a highly empowered civil society.

ZANU PF cadres should stop telling Mugabe the same old story, with some shamelessly having sunk to the point of referring to themselves as his, Mugabe’s, “most obedient sons”. That is stupidly exaggerated and nauseas! ZANU PF officials should, instead, invest their time and other resources wisely by recruiting Mutambara. They should leave Mugabe alone and go to professor Arthur Mutambara, warn him that he has grossly depreciated his once illustrious curriculum vitae by over-investing into being a political loose-cannon and shameless broad-daylight political pick-pocketer, and invite him to put people interests ahead of his personal!

Tell him that his presence as a co-principal in the Global Political Agreement no longer adds any value as he has over-taken the people of Zimbabwe and the respective party that had deployed him, and, therefore, has sunk into being a major liability for the peace process! Warn him of the dangers of representing personal interests in national issues at the expense of the people and the Global Political Agreement! Advise him, Mutambara with his misguided acumen, not to concentrate on matters of job security but the successful implementation of the provisions of the agreement! Last, to stop stooping too low and challenge him to rise beyond student hooligan politics he exhibited in Mozambique against South African president Jacob Zuma who also serves as SADC facilitator to Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement. And invite him to dismantle his little party and join ZANU PF.

And then move on to professor Welshman Ncube and other Zimbabweans of caliber, the rank and file, and advise them that with their go-getter intellectual capacities and loyalty respectively, they would only function to full capacity in a gigantic institution of ZANU PF stature! Mutambara and Ncube remain counted amongst the most brilliant and creative peoples of the world and in Zimbabwe no other institution has the capacity to put the two young men into full utilization other than ZANU PF.

ZANU PF must summon courage and discard shame and cheap pride and tell the two professors that their small parties wield of “zero” potential to fully and profitably exploit their wisdom, but their home-sweet-home was the former liberation movement! ZANU PF should avoid misleading itself into trivializing the various Zimbabweans even known political clowns of MDC99 leader Job Sikhala’s kind, or Morgan Tsvangirai, with his revolution that has lost its cause. The late fire-brand politician and national hero, and ZANU PF founding father, Edgar Tekere, died on his way back to contribute to the transformation of ZANU PF.

Professor Jonathan Moyo got back to ZANU PF to make his mark as no competent institution existed to put him to full use. Daniel Shumba got sick of the political wilderness! He quickly realized that his new creation did not match his energies and therefore would not benefit much from his warm-bloodied dynamism and traced his foot-prints back to ZANU PF. Renowned former ZIPRA intelligence supremo Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa’s toes are facing towards ZANU PF. Dabengwa could have realized the height of the overwhelming deceit of inapplicable intelligence within his ZAPU and has come out unambiguously that ZANU PF would make a good governing partner. Simba Makoni has sunk to so much of an invisible political joke as the political heat-stroke takes its toll! Mutumwa Mawere made a highly uninformed choice of joining a non visible hooligan political entity and another political heat-stroke remains imminent.

ZANU PF founding father turned vociferous anti-ZANU PF and anti Mugabe campaigner, and former defence minister, Enos Nkala’s PUMA party has been overwhelmed by a terminal political heat-stroke! Recently he met president Mugabe at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport and drew lots of the same old inspiration and admiration indicative of a natural narrowing of the gap between himself, his token party PUMA and ZANU PF. The collapse of Zimbabwe’s only once visible opposition political actor led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai leaves the political landscape dominated by mere token actors.

It is a matter of either retiring Tsvangirai and re-organise for victory for the Movement for Democratic Change, or ZANU PF urgent transformation and strategic positioning in order to fully capitalize on Tsvangirai’s weaknesses to emerge with a re-branded and more competent institution.

Tried and tested, Zimbabwe’s “fly-by-night” political parties have a tendency to succumb to an unavoidable and fatal political “heat-stroke”. It is time for ZANU PF to beckon the disgruntled former party cadres back home with no strings attached like the biblical prodigal son. That would underline the successful modernization of the former liberation movement, and this time it could be a matter of a prodigal parent reformed.

The parties desperately need drastic transformation in order to effectively accommodate positive diversity. Or, ZANU PF walk across and join the former mass movement, the Movement for Democratic Change and catalyse Tsvangirai’s departure as another fatal split remains imminent.

Webster Shamu faces the challenge to get very warm bloodied! He has got to rise many times above the late ZANU PF maverick dancer and political commissar, Border Gezi, and go many times beyond the endeavours of the late gifted praise singer and yet another former ZANU PF political commissar, Elliot Manyika. Now the time has come for him, Shamu, to chip-in with an unfailing winner intellectual dimension in a widening political vacuum in Zimnbabwe’s political landscape!

Reginald Thabani Gola is a political analyst/ consultant independent journalist and published prominent ZANU PF fiery critic, good governance and human rights exponent.
Cells 00263 713660392/ 00263 775184749

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