MDCs, other parties should unite to topple Mugabe


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ZIMBABWE – With harmonised elections possibly set for later this year in Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai, who is the country’s Prime Minister and MDC-T leader, may be heading either for his Waterloo or bliss at State House.

The MDC-T’s plans to form a united front with other smaller political formations against President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF seem to have failed, having been foiled again prior to the 2008 elections.

Now it is the talk doing rounds around Matabeleland provinces that all the voters are geared to rally behind Welshman Ncube’s MDC formation in the impending plebiscite, a move which may spell disaster for Tsvangirai.

Ncube’s MDC is reportedly still willing to enter a marriage of convenience with Tsvangirai aimed at ending Mugabe’s rule.

While, national spokesperson for the MDC-T, Douglas Mwonzora has once again made calls for smaller parties “to unite under one banner, which is MDC-T under Morgan Richard Tsvangirai” his boss has remained adamant that he may not unite with Ncube.

Further reports have it that even the MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti was warming up to the idea of uniting with Ncube’s MDC formation against Mugabe in the coming elections.

Tsvangirai must not fool himself that this time around he may ever defeat Mugabe single-handedly without the support of the splinter MDC faction and other smaller political formations.

The MDC-T leader must not be hoodwinked and deceived by the teas he has with Mugabe during their Monday meetings.

He must not be deceived by Mugabe to draw swords against Ncube because he and Ncube are fighting the same enemy, who is Mugabe himself and he would rather unite with Ncube than his archrival.

alienating Ncube makes no sense when all Tsvangirai has to do is to make sure Mugabe loses any election that comes this time around by all means. And the means are readily available: a united front with Ncube, Job Sikhala, Simba Makoni and with whichever smaller political formation may be available.

One thing Tsvangirai has to know is that the people of Zimbabwe have placed their entire hopes in him. The civil servants, though they may not be at liberty to say so, have restrained themselves from engaging into violent strikes for salary hikes with the hope that one day Tsvangirai will find his way to State House and change the status quo. But it may be not very long before they give up on him if the former trade unionist defies the common sense of simply forging a united front.

While Tsvangirai and Mugabe forged a coalition government to avert a looming national catastrophe in 2008, the MDC-T leader may still do the same after the elections and forge yet another coalition government with all the parties that may give in to unite now against Mugabe’s Zanu PF in this year’s harmonised elections.

It may only be selfish if not arrogant for Tsvangirai to resist any moves to unite with other political formations, for surely why would he refuse to take victory being handed down to him on a silver platter against the world’s oldest president?

To Tsvangirai, please allow common sense to jolt you into action before you may lose this grand opportunity of realising your dream of leading the people of Zimbabwe out of their Egypt. Take advice and with God’s help you will see yourself arresting all the woes of this country and Zimbabweans shall salute you. JEFTER MOYO – THE STANDARD

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