Men accused for abussing nieghbour whenever he gets drunk

Men accused for abussing nieghbour whenever he gets drunk


ZIMBABWE – A city woman is at odds with her neighbour whom she alleges physically and emotionally abuses her whenever he gets drunk.

Mary Munyaradzi told the court that she could no-longer endure the abuse she is facing in the hands of Paradzai Mutsetu.

“I am failing to live in peace with my neighbour because he constantly insults and assault me.

“Every time he gets drunk, he comes to my house, insulting me saying the children I have with my husband belongs to another man.

“My prayer to the court is to be granted the peace order because his insults are beginning to cause problems in my marriage.”

In response Paradzai said:

“This woman is a liar, how can I even insult or assault her when we are not related?

“Her husband is my friend, every time I go and visit my friend she always assaults me because she does not like me to hang out with her husband.

“The peace order will do both of us good because I am also tired of her constant insults and assaults.”

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, who presided over the matter, granted the peace order in Mary’s favour.

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