Men in fear living with his wife after she attempted suicide

Men in fear living with his wife after she attempted suicide


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man is living in fear of his wife who attempted to commit suicide after he had filed for divorce.

This came to light at Harare civil court where Jackson Kwadoka was seeking a protection order against Miriam Tiriboyi accusing her of physical and emotional abuse.

“Miriam always talks of killing herself with poison each time l give her a divorce token.

“Last year she drank poison after I had moved out of the house because l could no longer tolerate her abusive behaviour.

“She threatens me all the time that she will drink poison if l leave her for another wife.

“Last month she insulted me at my work place in Bindura using obscenity language in front of my workmates and superiors,” he said.

Jackson pleaded for a protection order citing that Miriam’s family members also assaulted him for trying to divorce her.

“I have been arrested and assaulted several times at the police station. She orders her brothers to assault me each time we engage in a marital dispute.

“Yesterday she called me requesting her clothes and her family member threatened to assault me if l was to divorce her,” he said.

Miriam did not attend court to answer for her side.

Magistrate Barbra Mateko, who presided over the matter, granted a protection order in Jackson’s favour.

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