MISA-Zimbabwe Relaunches Case Against Criminal Defamation

MISA-Zimbabwe Relaunches Case Against Criminal Defamation


Media advocacy group, MISA – Zimbabwe, has filed a fresh application to invalidate the criminal defamation law after the organization was in July asked by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku to file additional heads of argument in a case that was before the courts.

Criminal defamation results in consequences such as the possibility of arrest, detention as well as imprisonment.

Misa-Zimbabwe filed the case after journalists, Nqaba Natshazi, Godwin Mangudya, Syndney Saize and Rorger Stringer, approached the courts to have the law removed from the statutes.

Zimbabwe independent newspaper editor, dumisani muleya tells studio seven editors met at the weekend and resolved that the law should be removed because it is a colonial relic that has outlived its usefulness.

“All countries that have similar laws have gotten rid of them. Only Zimbabwe is still using this colonial relic,”


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