Mliswa told to follow procedures

Mliswa told to follow procedures


ZIMBABWE – Zanu-PF has challenged expelled former Mashonaland West provincial chairman Mr Temba Mliswa to follow proper procedures if he entertains hopes of rejoining the revolutionary party.

Mr Mliswa on Friday made a passionate plea in the media to Zanu-PF to take him back after his expulsion last year after he was linked to a putschist cabal led by former Vice President Joice Mujuru that sought to topple President Mugabe from power ahead of the party’s Sixth National People’s Congress in December.

Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday said Mr Mliswa, as a former senior party member, knew the procedure to follow if he really wanted to be admitted back in the party.

“He knows the procedure to follow since he was once provincial chairman, one of the senior posts in the party,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

“It’s up to him to follow the procedure.”

Mr Mliswa was the first party provincial chairman to be sacked and since then he has been dining with the opposition and has also tried to reclaim his Hurungwe West seat as an independent candidate.

However, he lost to Cde Keith Guzah in June and recently the High Court confirmed Zanu-PF’s victory.

Mr Mliswa, who has fallen out with the Dr Mujuru-linked People First project, says his heart is still with Zanu-PF.

He told The Herald about the dim prospects of People First, which up to date did not have structures and was a “newspaper and social media party”.

He claims that the rebellion in Zanu-PF and the People First project had withered on the vine because its mastermind and Dr Mujuru’s husband, Solomon, had died. He said if People First had a constituency, it should have fielded candidates in by-elections.

Those that have left Zanu-PF before have declared that it was “cold out there” and quickly applied to be re-admitted into the party.

Several people have been suspended for periods ranging from two to five years, while others were fired for being linked to the Mujuru-led putschist cabal.

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