Mnangagwa speaks out

Mnangagwa speaks out


ZIMBABWE – The Government has made a domestic appeal for support and assistance following the declaration of a national disaster caused by the El-Nino induced drought.

Making the appeal on behalf of the Government, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday revealed that a “distressful situation” had befallen the country; hence the Government was calling for looking for assistance, saying “Zimbabweans should rise to the occasion”.

The Government has come up with a response plan for emergency programmes which requires US$1,5 billion.

“I’m there appealing to the private sector, religious and civil organisations and ordinary citizens, inclusive of those in the Diaspora, to rally with Government to support the emergency relief programmes in line with policy which requires that every citizen has a responsibility to avert and/or limit the effects of a national disaster.

“The policy also requires that Government initiates risk reduction measures and takes all necessary measures to uphold people’s right to life with dignity.

“We are all familiar as a Nation with the principle that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.

“May the Almighty bless us all, and I hope that all of us will be supportive of our communities with unity of purpose during this challenging time,” said Vice President Mnangagwa.

He also revealed that a special Cabinet Committee has been set up which he is chairing and will have several other players “with a mandate to put in place a well co-ordinated response and early recovery plan.

“The response plan is made up of emergency programmes to address food importation, vulnerable food distribution, emergency water supply, micronutrient feeding of under five, emergency irrigation rehabilitation and development, school feeding, livestock and wildlife support all requiring a total of US$1 572 009 953.”

Vice President Mnangagwa also revealed that food insecurity for provinces is showing that Matabeleland North 43 percent, Midlands 33 percent, Masvingo 32 percent, Mashonaland West 30 percent, Matabeleland South 28 percent, Manicaland 27 percent, Mashonaland Central 25 percent and Mashonaland East at 22 percent.

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