Mohadi: Mugabe dear, poor, incorruptible

Mohadi: Mugabe dear, poor, incorruptible


ZIMBABWE – President Robert Mugabe is incorruptible and is not moved by material gains and to the extent that he is one of the poorest leaders in the world, Zanu PF national secretary for security, Kembo Mohadi, has claimed.

Mohadi said, as such, the 91 year old leader was not going anywhere until party members were all straight, taking after his example.

The state security minister said this to Midlands province Zanu PF members at the party’s conference centre in Gweru at the weekend.

He said all other members who aspired to take over from Mugabe through unscrupulous means should not be entertained.

“Our leader Mugabe has the people at heart, he is one of the poorest leaders in the world because he doesnt worship material gains, said Mohadi.

“So, where has Mugabe gone wrong that you want to take over?”

Mohadi said while Mugabe was of advanced age he was the only one full of experience and wisdom to stir the Zanu PF ship forward.

“Today, you are saying (to Mugabe) accept old age and you want to take over. He will remain there until you are straight, God will not take him because most of you will sell this country back to the whites,” Mohadi said.

“There are some who are saying he should accept old age and retire but he is still there and will remain there whether Europeans or you want it.”

Mohadi castigated those engaged in factional fights with a view to taking over, saying they were wasting their time on ideas coming from their “little heads.”

The minister said those who joined the party later were the most “loud mouthed” claiming ownership of Zanu PF.

He said factionalism was a new phenomenon and if allowed to persist it would destroy the party.

“We want a united Zanu PF and so when we start calling ourselves names then something is wrong; people may sing your name or shout all accolades but as long as Mugabe is still there he is the rallying point,” said Mohadi.

He said Mugabe is not just the centre of power but is also Zanu PF while the rest of us we are members”.

Mohadi also slammed undisciplined party youths whom he said lacked respect for their leaders.

He said the party leaders accepted criticism as long as it was constructive and urged the youths not to disappoint the aspirations of the liberation fighters.

Mohadi warned those not utilising land allocated to them through the land reform exercise that it would be confiscated and given to those who are productive.

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