Moyo slams ‘scandalous’ Cuthbert Dube Zifa re-lection


Harare: Information Minister Jonathan has hit out at the “scandalous” ZIFA weekend elections which saw the shamed Cuthbert Dube retaining his position as president of the country’s football governing body. 

Moyo however said it had to be stated “without fear or favour that the outcome of these elections was indecent and defied all rationality and purpose. What exactly was endorsed by this scandalous vote?”

But Moyo said Zimbabwe’s football was also in the doldrums under Dube charge adding the official had “nothing to show” for his time as Zifa boss and “nothing different, new or better to offer”. .

According to Moyo, the fact Dube openly boasts about using personal resources, the source of which remains unclear, was a sign he had failed to run local football.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans yesterday expressed outrage over Zifa councillors’ decision to re-elect Cuthbert Dube as president of the football association after it emerged that he had made himself the highest-paid public sector chief executive over the past two years.

Dube shrugged off the challenge of Trevor Carelse-Juul when he polled 44 votes to the latter’s 34 in a run-off to land the top football post. Other contestants, Nigel Munyati and Leslie Gwindi, fell in the first round of voting. ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo said morally it was wrong for a country to allow a person with such a background to continue “serving” the public.

Federation of NGOs president Goodson Nguni said the vote showed that the Sports and Recreation Commission was failing stamp its authority. – Herald

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