Mugabe better than Tsvangirai – Welshman Ncube


‘MDC-PF’ leader Professor Welshman Ncube has poured out his admiration for President Mugabe, saying he has far more superior leadership qualities compared to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

He also said a new constitution is not a prerequisite for the 2013 harmonised elections, which can be held in terms of the existing law.

Speaking to journalists after a rally in Gweru, Prof Ncube described President Mugabe as a principled person who exhibited remarkable leadership qualities while Mr Tsvangirai flip-flopped.

He said handing the presidency to the MDC-T leader was similar to “giving a cyclist the responsibility of driving a bus”.

“There are those who say we should remove (President) Mugabe and replace him with (Mr) Tsvangirai. There is a lot of work to be done in Government,” he said.

“Imagine what would happen if he got into office. He would probably open a file and fail to understand what it is all about. Driving a bus requires a class one driver’s licence. You cannot say so and so has experience in cycling, let us give him a bus to drive! He lacks principles. One day he says this and the next morning he says something different.”

Prof Ncube vowed to continue representing the interests of the grassroots.

“He (Prime Minister Tsvangirai) has called me a village politician. Yes, I am a villager who represents the wishes of his fellow villagers.

“If Prime Minister Tsvangirai thinks he belongs to royalty then let him go to England and stay there.”

Prof Ncube also concurred with Zanu-PF that a new constitution was not a precondition for holding harmonised elections next year.

Robert Mugabe is admired by many except Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC
Robert Mugabe is admired by many except Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC

He added that it would be undemocratic to suppress the will of the electorate by delaying polls in order to push for a new constitution.

“We are ready for elections next year with or without a new constitution. The point we are making is that if it is not possible to come up with a new constitution then let us not have a constitution at all.

“We hold elections under the old constitution and then continue to fight for a new constitution after the elections. We, of course, prefer the constitution, which was signed on July 18. However, if the country runs out of time before we have a new constitution we must go for an election and we are ready for that.” – SM

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