Mugabe gives subdued grave yard speech

Mugabe gives subdued grave yard speech


ZIMBABWE – President Robert Mugabe gave probably one of his subdued grave yard speech at the National Heroes Acre at the burial of Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu today.

Mugabe (91) stuck to his ‘correct’ prepared speech and ran through it in record 20 minutes.

Mugabe did not use the platform to attack his political opponents and the West.

He is known for his unrestrained salvo at his rivals.

In his brief off the cuff remarks, he said he never addressed Ndlovu as Dr Ndlovu but ‘just Doc’.

“I never called him doctor Ndlovu, he knew that, I called him just Doc, Doc forever,”.

He said Ndlovu excelled in all his ministerial portfolios.

He said Ndlovu was a visionary who knew that the struggle wasn’t just about guns.

“He was amongst the pioneers at Gonakudzigwa, that notorious open prison in the middle of Gonarezhou….Gonakudzingwa was built for the incarceration of the nationalists on the Zapu side

“These open prisons were meant to break the back of the nationalist movement. It was not easy to be a widowed wife of a man who lived in the confines of prison-President Mugabe.”

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