Mugabe, Grace to blame for graft, Mliswa


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ZIMBABWE – CHIVHU: Former Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West Themba Mliswa has said as long as President Robert Mugabe does not act on known corrupt ministers, he and his wife Grace cannot be exonerated from allegations of graft.

The outspoken Mliswa was addressing a 3 000 strong crowd which attended the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) 16th anniversary on Saturday.

Mliswa who was expelled from Zanu PF for being aligned to Joice Mujuru said the ruling party has been ravaged by corruption and there was no political will on the part of the leadership to stop the rot.

He said it was a shame that Zanu PF appointed local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere as its national political commissar.

This means the ruling party is endorsing corruption which is happening, said the former Warriors fitness trainer.

Mliswa said the level of corruption in the country no longer needs talk shops` but real action.

I want to tell the President one thing today, corruption will not end in Zanu PF as long we still have people like Chombo, Kasukuwere and Obert Mpofu, said Mliswa.

He said the three ministers boast that they will never be brought to book because of their close ties with the First Lady.

They boast that they will never be arrested because they are acting in cahoots with the First Lady (Vanoti varikudya namai). I challenged President Robert today to take action; I have the information and I tell the truth, said Mliswa.

He said if President Mugabe was sincere about tackling corruption and if his wife is not involved in graft he should arrest Kasukuwere, Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo and the former transport minister Obert Mpofu.

These people must be arrested so that we know that President and First Lady are not involved.

“As long these people remain scot free, the President cannot be exonerated, said the tough talking Mliswa amid thunderous cheers from the crowd.

Mliswa said he had been arrested and detained several times on trumped up charges but Mugabe’s close allies remain untouchables.

Kasukuwere, Mpofu and Chombo are stealing State money, why are they not being prosecuted? Some of us have been arrested and detained several times on flimsy charges, said Mliswa.

He said the prosecution of Mugabe’s allies does not need Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri but a mere constable.

These corrupt ministers must be investigated not by Chihuri but a mere constable.

The constable should take a warned and cautioned statement from them and they should go and be cleared by courts, said Mliswa drawing derisive laughter and cheering from MDC supporters.

He said Mugabe is still mum on the theft of diamond money from Marange, saying Zanu PF was targeting small fish like suspended Harare Provincial youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe.

How can you arrest Gomwe over the issue of few stands in Harare and yet to date no one has been brought to book over the issue of disappeared Marange diamond money which was supposed to benefit every citizen, said Mliswa.

He said as a sign of desperation, Zanu PF looters were trying to merge the Rio Tinto owned Murowa Diamond with poor performing Marange diamond mining firms as a plot to siphon money from the mine.

You want to take Murowa and merge it with your companies that you have looted because you want to take everything. We know that if you take Murowa there would be virtually nothing that would be left there, said Mliswa.

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