Mugabe, stop the forced donations

Mugabe, stop the forced donations


ZIMBABWE – Reports that people in Masvingo Province are being forced to raise money for President Robert Mugabe’s birthday party are unfortunate. It is sad that some people can be this mean, cruel and heartless.

These people are already stressed by their family responsibilities and are struggling to make ends meet, not to mention the severe food shortages. Where and how does anyone, especially in Zanu PF, expect them to get money for Mugabe’s birthday celebrations?

Those demanding money in the name of Mugabe are very selfish. Since they are also residents in the province, they should know very well the challenges ordinary people are going through. For them to go around demanding money and goodies from people who can hardly afford a meal a day for their families because of grinding poverty is equal to murder.

Most of these people being forced to “donate” have never celebrated their own birthdays because of poverty. These “donations” are an insult. Zanu PF must change their attitude. No wonder people always identify Zanu PF as anti-people, corrupt and thieving.

It is sad that amid this intimidation and extortion, most children in Masvingo are going to school on empty stomachs. Some have even dropped out of school. Worse still, others have resorted to prostitution, early marriages and border jumping to neighbouring countries looking for ways to escape the poverty induced by the same party, Zanu PF, which is now milking them dry.

If Mugabe is not part of this thieving syndicate, he must stop it. It has rubbished and tarnished his name. Corrective action must be taken urgently.

An order to return all the money stolen from the povo and civil servants will help clear Mugabe’s name.

This must be followed by the arrest and arraignment of the extortionists. These acts of stealing from people in the name of celebrating Mugabe’s parties have been going on for years and it’s high time Mugabe stepped in and demand the cancellation of these “donations”.

What people in Masvingo need right now is the opposite of what Zanu PF is doing now: They are in of need food aid. Even basics such as animal feeds are in short supply throughout the province.

Zanu PF, through the government, must help the people and not steal from them.

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