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ZIMBABWE – MLO was astounded as President Mugabe  exhibited astonishing duplicity when he tried to project himself as a gallant Pan-Africanist and uncompromising human rights defender in his speech to the UN  General Assembly. He shamelessly advocated for a two states solution for Saharawi and Palestine while he is denying same to Matebeleland in Zimbabwe who are demanding the restoration of their statehood which was lost on 3 November 1893. Matbeleland remains an occupied state and President Robert Mugabe is administering Matebeleland on behalf of the colonial British government.

“Self determination and independence are an  intrinsic and fundamental rights that should be enjoyed by all peoples everywhere, without distinction. We are deeply concerned by the continued denial of this basic right to the Saharawi people. We urge the United nations to expeditiously finalise what must be done to conclude the decolonisation of the Western Sahara,” said Mugabe.

“We reiterate our unwavering support to the just cause of the Palestinian people. We also reiterate that lasting peace in the Middle East can only be achieved through negotiations to achieve a two way state solution,” Mugabe continued.

Charity begins at home. Before he demands a two states solution for the deserving people of Palestine and Saharawi , he must start by allowing a two states solution in Zimbabwe where people of Matabeleland are calling for the reinstatement of their statehood which was lost in 1893.

Why this selective application of human rights by President Mugabe?

Is it because he believes Matebeles are less human and have no right to life, self-determination and independence as he boasted in public in the 1980s that he had “sent an army to annihilate the Ndebeles”?

Is it because Zanu-pf  believes that Matebeles are cockroaches as Vice President Mnangagwa once said at the height of  Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade gukurahundi genocide in the 1980s that “we have sprayed gamatox in Matabeleland to kill cockroaches”? Little wonder he was promoted to be vice president. He is also yet to answer to charges of genocide together with his boss President Robert Mugabe,  Minister of Defence  Sydney Sekeramayi , Commander of he Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constatine Chiwenga who was known as Dominic Chinenge by then, Air Marshall Perence Shiri, and many who are now in civilian clothes. We know them and we remind them that we have not forgotten until justice is done.

Article (3) of UN Human Rights Declaration says  everyone has right to life, liberty and security of person. Article (2) says subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitute a denial of fundamental human rights. And article (3) says all people have a right to self determination by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely persue their economic,social and cultural development.

We say it without fear or favour that President Mugabe has no regard for human rights and that he tops the list of  human rights violators  in the world and that his hands are dripping with Matebeles  civilian and  innocent blood.

As he stood before the UN  General Assembly pretending to be a passionate advocate for human rights, mine shafts and shallow graves in Matabeleland are filled with skeletons of more than 40 000 Matebeles including defenseless children, women and old people killed by  the Zimbabwe National Army 5 Brigade code named gukurahundi at his behest.

He continues to deny the right to those who lost their relatives to gukurahundi to re-bury their loved ones in a dignified manner. The bones remain buried in the shafts, caves and shallow graves scattered in Matebeleland territory that incorporates what Ian Smith government called Midlands.

His heavy handed riot police is always ready to violently disperse Matebeles who  hold gukurahundi genocide memorial prayers. Denying them the right to remember their dead.

As President Robert Mugabe  stood before the world pretending  to be a born again human rights activist, he conveniently forgot that he pushed the Leader of  Matabeleland Liberation Organisation ie MLO  Mr Paul Siwela into exile for demanding the restoration of Matebeleland independence and sovereignty.  Ironically the  same Zimbabwe government led by President Robert Mugabe had  arrested and charged  Paul Siwela with treason for calling for self-determination and independence of Matabeleland and later attempting to assassinate him. We say shame, shame , shame on you President Robert Mugabe !

The nation  of Matabeleland is wallowing in abject poverty due to oppressive methods such as tribalism, marginalisation, discrimination, domination, hate speech and psychological attacks in allocation of social services like employment, business opportunities, health facilities, education just to name but a few.

This year only President Mugabe described the people of Matabeleland as uneducated criminals who are responsible for petty crimes  in South Africa. His over ambitious, wife Grace Mugabe could not be left out in the demonisation of the people of Matabeleland. She said that man from Matabeleland are lazy sexual perverts.

If President Robert Mugabe is not a mass murderer, oppressor, tyrant and human rights abuser then no one is.

The UN human Rights Declaration knows no sex, ethnicity, nationality, colour or boundary. As MLO we know that the people of Matabeleland  have full rights to independence and self-determination  and we believe our cause is more than just and noble. We shall continue to lead the march to an independent and sovereign Rebublic of Matabeleland.

Sekuse duze lapho esiyakhona

Siyaphambili !

Amandla !

Akuzenzo kungemazwi!

By Israel Dube

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