Mugabe turns against Masowe – Madzibaba on the run


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ZIMBABWE – In what appears to be a turn against Madzibaba by the ZANU-PF regime, Scores of Johanne Masowe weChishanu sect members who beat up anti-riot police officers, journalists and members of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) in Budiriro 2 on Friday are on the run, it has been established.

Mugabe enjoys popular support from Madzibaba

The brutal attack by the marauding Johanne Masowe weChishanu members, followers of a sect led by one Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani, left nine police officers, two ZBC staffers and ACCZ official Lameck Chitope seriously injured.

They were attacked with rocks and shepherd’s staffs, the Mapostori’s traditional prayer aid.

The attack followed an announcement by the ACCZ president, Bishop Johannes Ndanga that the sect had been banned for among other reasons, denying their children education, allowing fathers to administer virginity tests on their daughters using fingers and wife battering.

Sources said yesterday that following the attack, police swooped on Budiriro on Friday night to arrest the perpetrators, but found out that most of them had deserted their homes.

An official close to the investigation said six members of the sect had been arrested by yesterday, but up to 50 more suspects were being sought after they were identified through photo evidence and witnesses.

“Most of the suspects have disappeared into thin air and their families are professing ignorance over their whereabouts,” said the official who is not authorised to speak to the media.

National Police spokesperson, senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba was not answering her phone last night.

But she was quoted by ZBC confirming that more police officers had been deployed to investigate the issue.

“We have deployed more personnel to investigate the matter and to bring perpetrators of violence to book. So far we are still questioning the six members who were arrested on Friday,” Charamba is quoted as saying.

Members of Madzibaba sect attacking Mugabe police

ACCZ chief registrar, Rev Taurai Mbewe said sect members who were on the run after beating up police officers should surrender and allow the law to take its full course.

He said Madzibaba Ishmael’s sect was more of a cult which indoctrinated its members who were not allowed to read newspapers and the Bible, watch television or possess cellphones.

“It’s most likely that they are not even aware that they are making headlines in the media after attacking police officers and journalists,” said Rev Mbewe.

Robert Mugabe a Darling of Madzibaba
Robert Mugabe a Darling of Madzibaba

He said all the people who were hospitalised after the thorough beating, had now been discharged save for ZBC cameraperson, Relax Mafurutu who is still detained at West End hospital.

Mbewe said ACCZ would this week start engaging stakeholders such as Childline, Unicef and the ministry of Primary and Secondary Education with the view to help children who were being abused by the sect members. Source – The Standard

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  1. Mugabe turns against Masowe??? Isn't that a misleading headline. There is nowhere in the article that shows that Mugabe has voiced any opinion about Masowe. This is gutter journalism

  2. In Zimbabwe we know Mugabe pulls all the strings. Nothing happens in Zimbabwe without Mugabe putting his dirty hands. There is no doubt the revenge on Madzibaba has Mugabe blessing.

    • In that sense then yes the headline may be true but that information shouldn't have been left to the reader to figure out for themselves. A good journalist would have mentioned somewhere in the article that Mugabe pulls the string and hence it's odds on that Ndanga had Mugabe's blessings on this move. A journalist shouldn't assume that all readers to be familiar with origins of the story.

  3. a ;Njabulo ; PHD ; first lady and VP

    Politicks aside. Everyone has the right to education. It
    does not matter their political standing, political affiliation or their rank
    in society. That is a right that no one has a right to forfeit (not in any part of the world).This
    right in question is embodied in the Zimbabwe constitution. Furthermore
    ,it is only the University
    of Zimbabwe which has the
    prerogative to declare that PHD void or a competent court of law( in
    exceptional cases). Aside that there is no any other body or institution which
    can declare it as invalid. It would also amount to a breach of her human rights ,should anyone or group of
    persons challenge that in a competent
    court of law. Furthermore ,that action would be construed by many as a way of
    undermining the University
    of Zimbabwe which has a
    great reputation. One wonders whether this is an attack on the persona of the
    first lady or the University
    of Zimbabwe or the
    political party to which she identifies to.? In my view, this adversity derives from political hatred of the political
    party which she is affiliated to. Lets put politics aside when analysing such

    Njabulo(my right to comment)(also your right to comment)


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