Mugabe unforgivable, Bishop Magaya

Mugabe unforgivable, Bishop Magaya


ZIMBABWE – Bishop Ancelimo Magaya says President Robert Mugabe’s heartlessness which he has shown through his reluctance to console and comfort the Itazi Dzamara family almost a year since the disappearance of the vocal journalist is unforgivable.

Bishop Magaya said this Tuesday while he was leading the Itai Dzamara prayer which was held to mark the scribe’s 11th month of disappearance.

Dzamara was abducted on 9 March by suspected state security agents while having a haircut at a Glen View barbershop.

Ahead of the abduction, he was demanding that failed Robert Mugabe should step down for ruining the country’s economy.

We bemoan and lament the fact that 11 months after Itai Dzamara was abducted, his whereabouts are still unknown and there is no trace of him and there is not an iota of remorse on the part of President Mugabe and his colleagues, said Bishop Magaya.

There is no indication that they do regret and lament that under their leadership people still disappear and yet they are the custodians of the constitution; we are very sad to say that.

Bishop Magaya said despite government’s reluctance to search and bring back Dzamara, Zimbabweans have demonstrated that they are able to speak their minds on the issue.

However, what we want to encourage Zimbabweans to do is that they need to be definers of their own destiny as I have always said; and this time around let it be registered that never again shall any Zimbabwean be abducted and we fold our hands; we must apply pressure, he said.

Bishop Magaya, who chairs the Itai Dzamara Trust, said this week they were going to seek an appointment with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

I have already drafted a letter to him (Mnangagwa) and we are going to send it this week; we pray that he is going to give us audience, Magaya said.

Bishop Magaya first revealed plans to engage Mnangagwa on the Dzamara issue last month.

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