Mugabe will be more comical than Mukadoda and Paraffin

Mugabe will be more comical than Mukadoda and Paraffin


ZIMBABWE – A renowned actor based in South Africa Bernard Bhekilizwe Ndlovu has warned that if President Robert Mugabe stays in power beyond this time things he will do will be more comical than what the late renounced comedians Safirio Madzikatire (Mukadoda) and Paraffin did.

“If President Mugabe stays on and clings to power he will remove all doubt, fake or genuine that he possibly might have been right and honourable about some things,” he said.

“If he steps down now there are some who might think that perhaps he was a good man and a hero. If, however, he continues at this rate of errors and public spectacle, I am telling even Mukatota and Paraffin wont come any close in terms of comic value. I mean here is a man who walked until he fell on his own without being pushed(of course he broke the fall), spoke until he waffled and his wife had to come to his rescue by stopping him and just today, read a wrong speech.”

Ndlovu said a man known for cruelty and ‘scheming’ is now ending his last scene as a Gringo character.

“There might be more coming, just watch wait and see. Of course Zimbabweans need this comic relief in this political tragedy. Perhaps it was not Mugabe who read the speech after all. Come to think of it. A comedy of errors scenario. But life so,” he said.

This come at a time when Mugabe last week read wrong speech in parliament and finished without noticing it was wrong.

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