Mugabe’s age taking an effect

Mugabe’s age taking an effect

ZIMBABWE – Truth is, president Mugabe is an old man who belongs not in the state house, but at home being looked after by that beautiful wife of his named Grace.

It’s illogical that a person can read a wrong speech from beginning to end, without realising that it was not the right speech for the occasion.

What makes this even more preposterous is that he read the exact same speech as a State of the Nation Address not so long ago. How then is it possible that he couldn’t remember that the speech is familiar, unless of course like all old people, he suffers from memory loss and other old-people related problems?

And let’s say it’s true that there was a mix-up in the office as his Spokesperson claims. Did the old man not prepare for his speech days before? If so, why isn’t that speech fresh in his mind? If it was, he would have known immediately when he started with the wrong one that it wasn’t the correct one for the occasion.

There’s no amount of spinning and rhetoric this matter that will convince a reasonable person that president Mugabe is still a fully functioning person. He is an old man. As a matter of fact, he has BEEN an old man for a long time.

He must rest. Otherwise he will start spilling state secrets at press conferences, thinking he’s in his office with Mnangagwa alone.

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