Mujuru blueprint: Don’t get too excited yet


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ZIMBABWE – I am surprised as to what people are getting so excited about with regards the recent political developments in the country.

I think this excitement is born out of desperation and frustration.

If Mai Mujuru had not been booted out of Zanu-PF, do you think she would be publishing that blueprint?

This is a woman who did not voluntarily leave Zanu-PF, remember?

I think we are at a crucial point where we should not be using emotions to make important decisions but reason rather. Mai Mujuru is Zanu-PF and she is not the way forward.

In my opinion, Morgan Tsvangirai is the person who can lead us out of this mess.

Be careful of Zanu-PF, do not get too excited about this development, this is a grand plan by Zanu-PF, ever wondered why they still retain the name Zanu-PF?

Have you thought about the confusion that will arise to some of the people regarding two Zanus? Remember what they call splitting of votes and confusing the electorate.

If Mai Mujuru was repentant, as she claims, she would have long resigned from Zanu-PF to form her own party and not wait to be kicked out, it’s as simple as that.

She is a politician remember, she will tell you what you want to hear and then you start singing praises.

Do not be surprised, come election time.

Mai Mujuru will be the presidential candidate for a coalition of the two Zanus.

Wake up Zimbabweans!!!


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