Mujuru is Zanu PF


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ZIMBABWE – Is this the same Joice who hails from Mount Darwin and has been Zanu PF to the heart?

Is this the same cde of ours who has been in Zanu PF and agreed with Robert Mugabe to chop the limps of many innocent MDC supporters in 2008?

I am reliably informed that the cde has released a big heavy bag for some journalists and some writers to make her big.

It is her constitutional right to form a political party of her choice and it is anyone’s constitutional right to join Teurai’s party.

Most of the people who have joined her have done that for the need of the money she got from some misinformed and misguided diplomats resident in Zimbabwe whom I will name before christmas.

I Gugugu Tofanegwani Magorira will never be part of those people calling themselves People something. I cannot say People First because Vince Musewe told us at the PDP congress that he also has a group called People first the name stolen from them by Teurai.

The same Teurai is accused  of stealing the same name by an archived cde in downtown Masvingo who cannot be traced by crawlers anymore. I am talking about Daniel Shumba who was ruthlessly eaten by Zanu PF.

Facts are stubborn and noone can run away from them.

All those inside the Patriotic front  or People first project are Zanu PF at heart and Morgan Tsvangirai now wants to be one of them kkkkkk just for the love of the British pound and US dollars Oh my God!

In my view Mujuru directly participated in the killing of the 20,000 innocent Zimbabweans in Matebeleland and only a fool in Matebeleland and Midlands province can call her a hero.

She directly participated in the chopping and decapitation of thousands in 2008.

I cannot be part of a coalition that has Didymus Mutasa who at 80 is still buying nappies for the many kids born by different mothers.

One Jim Kunaka calls Mutasa father hiiiiii?And of all the people Jim Kunaka who looted council money at Mbare Msika and caused unbelievable mayhem now has emerged smarter than any other idiot by calling himself the messiah ooooohh!

Morgan Tsvangirai was heard in down town Harare talking about something or someone called NERA.

The programme is a tool to extort money from the donors who until today think that Mujuru will be voted by us Zimbabweans.

We are not going to vote for Joice Mujuru or Morgan Richard Tsvangirai or their alliance.

What is that cdes?

A coalition of some small fish and small greedy minds ganging up for a short cut to state house with the blessing of the once good but now dirty bishop Anzelem Magaya who claims to have invited everybody to the event.

We still want to find out if it is true that even Bakare was there at theruseless event called NERA.

Tsvangirai please stop abusing the blind pastor and give us a rest for you are no longer part of the solution to the Zimbabweam crisis.

People first are even better than MDCT for now if the truth is to be maintained.

The big,composed and strategic political leaders are there in town monitoring and listening to all the lies and noise in embassies and development agencies.

NERA shows that Morgan is unrepentant honestly and is too selfish and greedy.

I have never never seen such a tribal and divisive character such as this Morgan of yours guys.

The ZCTu is now coordinating Nera from Chester house confirming that the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions ZCTU is an appendage of MDCT and is now under the ampits of this embattled Buhera boy.

We are watching the Morgan and Mujuru’s fundraising games till we meet again.

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