Mujuru no threat, stole our ideas: MDC-T


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ZIMBABWE – THE opposition MDC-T party says they are not threatened by the former vice president Joice Mujuru economic blue print launched Tuesday because she is singing our chorus.

President Robert Mugabe former deputy launched a policy document which, among other issues, promises to do away with media restrictive laws and to re-align the Electoral Act so that it complies with the new constitution.

Reacting to Mujuru People First political movement economic blue print Tuesday MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said what the former vice president was saying was not new.

You will realise that most of the issues that are raised in that blueprint have already been raised by the MDC e.g. the need to respect property rights as well as to respect and uphold the rule of law,” said Gutu.

We have always been talking about the need for a free press and also that all Zimbabweans, regardless of race, colour or creed should have equal access to land.

In a way, therefore,the Mujuru policy blueprint is speaking our language ; the document is singing our chorus.

If anything, the Mujuru policy blueprint has got more in common with the MDC blueprint as enunciated in the JUICE and ART policy blueprints.

On the issue of both the MDC-T and the Mujuru camp forming a coalition Gutu said the latter was a lesser entity.

We are saying that we are a tried and tested political party that has withstood the test of time,” he told

We are the only political party that has managed to beat Zanu PF in elections against all odds and when we say that we are the largest and most popular political party in the country, we are not just bragging; we mean it and indeed, the facts speak for themselves.

Whoever said that the MDC is interested in joining Mujuru as opposed to her joining us must have been smoking something highly toxic and dangerous to their mental health.

Gutu said, unlike the Mujuru People First project, the MDC-T is an established political movement.

We are a fully-fledged political party that has structures throughout Zimbabwe and also in the Diaspora.

We have, however, absolutely no problems with collaborating and synergising with other political formations that share common values, principles and aspirations.


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