Mujuru rejects pension benefits

Mujuru rejects pension benefits


ZIMBABWE – HARARE – Former Vice President Joice Mujuru who was sacked from her position and expelled from the ruling Zanu PF party on unproven allegations of trying to topple and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, has reportedly turned down a government pension and retirement benefits offered to her.

Almost 8 months after Mujuru was sacked Mugabe gazetted a statutory instrument spelling out the benefits that someone like her should receive.

According to the Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits published in Statutory Instrument 86 of 2015, Mujuru should get personal security, medical aid, travel allowances and domestic workers paid for by the State.

But its now being reported that Mujuru is not interested in receiving the pension and when quizzed about it by a local paper simply said “thats water under the bridge, nothing to tie me to anything.”

A source who is close to Mujuru is quoted saying; “for her, the issue is on principle. She is not concerned about material benefits but the dignity that has been removed from her as a woman and a war veteran.

“She is of the belief that the terminal benefits that were publicized could be politically motivated and also because of the manner in which she was removed from office, she did not resign or retire, but was fired.

“Hence, getting the package would be wrong morally. Moreso, the manner in which the President has allowed his wife (First Lady Grace Mugabe) to continue talking about her and her late husband (ex-army general Solomon Mujuru) – makes it difficult for one to accept the offer even if it’s genuine.”

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