Mujuru running own government: Oppah


ZIMBABWE – OUTGOING Women’s League boss, Oppah Muchinguri, has accused Vice-President Joice Mujuru of creating two centres of power within the government and the ruling Zanu PF party.

Muchinguri made the remarks while introducing President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, to a group of war veterans at her Mazowe farm on Thursday.

Mujuru came under withering attack from Grace on Thursday for allegedly plotting to oust her 90-year-old husband.

She also accused the vice-president of corruption and abuse of office to amass wealth.After being appointed to the high position in the party and government they, they went on an (extortion) drive taking money from everywhere and creating a base for themselves, she said.

“President Mugabe has his cabinet and they have their own, the president has his politburo and they have their own. When that happens you should know that chaos cometh.

“We have one leader who has united us all since the time of the war. President Mugabe is a leader who does not discriminate, said Muchinguri.

The outgoing women’s league leader is said to be in a faction backing Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa who is locked in a fierce battle with Mujuru to succeed Mugabe.

Observers said the Mnangagwa faction has received a massive boost from Grace who has been on a drive to attack Mujuru in the run-up to Zanu P’s December congress.

Muchinguri said former colonial power, Britain, which had in the past used the MDC, had changed tactics by using Zanu PF members to effect regime change in Zimbabwe from within.

“We have reached a point of no return where our country calls out for a second liberation. The British have come back and this time they are using one of us, she said.

“Now we realise that they are dividing the party and even in the Women’s League I was now a mere spectator. I had to seek permission to go into provincial meetings, provincial chairpersons had become my bosses and that is why we brought the First Lady, she said.

Muchinguri stepped down as the women’s league boss and invited Grace to take over the leadership of the organisation in August.

Since her nomination, Grace has been on a warpath, attacking Mujuru from all angles for allegedly attempting to stampede her husband out of power.


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