Neighbour bashes pair over waste disposal

Neighbour bashes pair over waste disposal


ZIMBABWE – A Harare man and his relative got a thorough hiding from their neighbour after reprimanding his wife for empting a movable toilet in front of his tuckshop, the court heard yesterday.

Tawanda Mashongahande (21) and Leonard Disi (24) were facing two counts of assault charges when they appeared before magistrate Ms Sharon Rakafa

They will be back in court on Friday.

Allegations are that on February 8, Weston Chivhunje (23) was at his tuckshop when he saw Mashongahande’s wife empting their movable toilet which was full in front of his tuckshop.

The court heard that Chivhunje asked her to pour the waste a distance from the residence since it was smelly. This angered Mashongahande who was nearby and he started accusing Chivhunje of disturbing his wife.

It is the State’s case that Mashongahande and Disi grabbed Chivhunje by the neck and slapped him several times in the face before he was rescued by his landlord.

It is alleged that Chivhunje then rushed to police to report and while on his way Mashongahande and Disi assaulted Ngonidzashe Chakatanda who had been left manning the tuckshop.

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