New music expo on cards

New music expo on cards


ZIMBABWE – The new music event “Ngoma Ngairire Music Expo” that is set to be launched on December 4 will see various established and upcoming artistes taking part.

Running under the theme “There is music business in Zimbabwe” the three-day expo will be held at Prince Edward High School.

In an interview, expo director, Richard Kohola said it is high time people recognise talent at a tender age and appreciate it from there, which is the reason for involving upcoming artistes.

“Gone are the days when music was looked down upon by people and was associated with useless people. The time has come that people have to appreciate a musical child when he or she is still at school and not wait for one to finish school to support him or her,” he said.

Kohola highlighted that it is not deniable that the battle of the school bands at the “Musica Festival” clearly demonstrated that there is a lot of talent that need to be celebrated in schools.

“There is a lot of music development in schools and a lot of schools have been producing seasoned artistes and one good example is Prince Edward,” he said.

He added that the music expo will give schools a platform to showcase their talent on the “Express yourself in concert” category.

“High school bands from different schools in the country are going to be given a platform to showcase their talent so that people will appreciate them at the same time exposing them to the world class stage,” he said.

Kohola said the desire to uplift the standard of the Zimbabwean music industry to even greater heights has led to the idea of coming up with the “Ngoma Ngairire Zimbabwe Music Expo”.

“The Expo is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe, and will feature stakeholders from every sector of the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe, for the purpose of music business, entertainment and interactions.

“It will be used as a platform that will create room for stakeholders from every sector of the Music industry to interact, identify challenges, proffer solutions, showcase, discover talents and sign on deals with each other in a unique atmosphere.

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