Parliament must impeach insensitive Mugabe, says MDC-T


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ZIMBABWE – The opposition MDC-T party has urged Parliament to impeach President Robert Mugabe when it resumes sitting, accusing the absent 92-year-old leader of being “insensitive and selfish”.

Mugabe is holidaying with his family for a month in the Far East while back home his administration struggles with an economy in the ditch.

As the Zanu PF leader flew out of Harare, pensioners have gone without pay for two months while civil service wages had to be delayed because the government did not have money.

“The MDC would also like to take this opportunity to call upon all Parliamentarians, across the political divide, to put their heads together when Parliament resumes sitting within the next few weeks.

“It is abundantly clear that President Robert Mugabe has abdicated his responsibilities as the Head of State and as such, Parliament should proceed to impeach him,” said Party spokesman Obert Gutu in a statement.

He added: “At a time when more than 90% of the population is living rough, President Robert Mugabe and a large entourage of his hangers-on have decided to embark on an expensive holiday in the Far East; which holiday jamboree is fully funded by the near bankrupt State.

“Whilst the majority of civil servants such as doctors, nurses and teachers have not been paid their deserved annual bonuses and salaries, Robert Mugabe is completely insensitive to the plight of these hard-working servants of the State.”

Government announced it had paid the last of the civil servants heir December salaries on Tuesday.

“Government has fulfilled its commitment and we thank the Ministry of Finance (and Economic Development) for that and also the workers for their patience and understanding,” said acting public service minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

Gutu however insisted that Mugabe should have returned home to deal with the many crises buffeting the country.

“Instead of urgently returning home to address the emergency situation caused by the non-payment of civil servants’ salaries as well as the impending drought, Mugabe and his extended family are busy enjoying a very good time; wining and dining in very expensive and upmarket hotels and restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

“As the largest and most popular political party in Zimbabwe, the MDC would like to call upon Robert Mugabe to cut short his undeserved State-funded holiday and to immediately come back so that he can personally take control of the collapsing national economy.

“The country is on virtual auto pilot as the nonagenarian President is living it up in the Far East. How insensitive and selfish can a President be?”

Gutu also condemned the use of violence against teachers protesting the non-payment of salaries and bonuses.

“The MDC unreservedly condemns the high-handed and unlawful action by the Police in violently crushing a peaceful demonstration,” he said.

“It is apparent that the Zanu PF regime is afraid of the people of Zimbabwe. The regime is now paranoid as it is acutely aware of the fact that millions of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty and destitution as a direct result of the regime’s misrule, unmitigated corruption and misgovernance.

“Typical of all dictatorial and fascist regimes, the Zanu PF government is determined to use brute force and violence in order to unconstitutionally stop Zimbabweans from exercising their constitutional right to stage peaceful demonstrations.”

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