People fed up with tsvangirai’s dictatorship tendencies

People fed up with tsvangirai’s dictatorship tendencies


ZIMBABWE – The MDC-T founder members in Bulawayo, also known as MDC-T Veterans Activists’ Association (MDCVAA), are up in arms against their leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The members have vowed to boycott all rallies addressed by their leader.

The boycott is being precipitated by Tsvangirai’s habit of imposing his own candidates at the expense of the electorate’s favourite. The founder members are unsettled with the imposition of the party’s substantive Provincial Chairman and Bulawayo Deputy Mayor, Gift Banda. To show their anger and displeasure the members are not attending all provincial meetings called by Banda.

A large number of MDC-T supporters in Bulawayo are promising to boycott all of Tsvangirai’s rallies in the city and to pull out of MDC-T and join any party that follows its laid down principles. The majority of supporters are alleging that they are now fed up with Tsvangirai’s hypocrisy and lack of good leadership skills as the man is always swayed by the wind.

Honestly a true leader should be principled like President Robert Mugabe who is a man of his words and has clear-cut principles and has a vision. Tsvangirai lacks these qualities and behaves like a buffoon, a man of dubious revolutionary credentials. That is the reason why the MDC-T has now several offshoots which are being led by power hungry individuals who have been frustrated by Tsvangirai.

The mainstream MDC had been formed in a bid to bring the perceived democracy which failed to materialize at all costs, which is the reason why the party had and still persist to fall apart. Tsvangirai should read between the lines among his supporters and learn to be democratic in the true sense rather than to be myopic and lack the national vision. Cosmetic democracy has crippled the once vibrant opposition party.

Tsvangirai has failed dismally in leading the party to democracy and more of his supporters are contemplating to join other plethora of parties in the country under the democratic government of President Mugabe whom they envy. A close analysis of the prevailing political landscape seems to suggest that the party is heading for doom as long as Tsvangirai remains at the helm.
The lack of democracy in the party has led the faithful cadres to think otherwise and adopt apathy as an alternative and some have rejoined ZANU PF. At the moment people are being urged to boycott all of Tsvangirai’s intended rallies in the country. The man is also accused of having a favourite clique of supporters whom he favors.

Woe to you Tsvangirai, for you are like a whitewashed tombstone which is full of extortions and rapacity. We want to promote democracy in this country and make sure that man stick to principles.

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