Pokello Nare denies break up with Elikem


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Former Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate and top socialite, Pokello Nare has denied allegations by Ghanaian Press that she has parted ways with her lover from BBA, Elikem Kumordzie, saying the stories are works of detractors.Yesterday, Twitter was awash with stories that Pokello and Elikem’s (Polikem) “fairytale” love affair which had won the couple considerable admiration in both Zimbabwe and Ghana had collapsed.

According to Mordern Ghana, Elikem confirmed the break-up to Showbiz last Sunday – something he later denied doing – saying Showbiz reporters only spoke to him yesterday after the story was published.

Showbiz further stated that Elikem was now dating 28-year-old German based Ghanaian fashion designer, Theresa Boateng. Theresa is said to have travelled to Ghana a month ago to promote her clothing line in Accra where she had the opportunity to share the catwalk with Elikem.

Theresa, a mother of two, is said to have interestingly dropped a surprise hint that she was pregnant for Elikem.

“I am two weeks pregnant for Elikem. We fell in love the very first day I met him at the launch of my clothing line of which he was part of the models. We exchanged numbers and we started a relationship from there.

“It is barely a month since we got to know each other, but anyone who has seen us together would think we have been dating for more than two years, simply because we click,” Theresa said.

Also in a clear move to spite Pokello, Theresa recently got her hair shaved and styled the way Pokello does and wrote E & T on the back.

Pokello, who returned from Ghana on March 5, rubbished the rumours saying she was still with Elikem and Theresa’s case was clearly an obsession gone bad.

“Theresa called saying she wanted to launch a fashion line in Ghana and wanted Elikem, who is a tailor, to be involved. We agreed and she launched successfully with Elikem. I also modelled some of the outfits.

“Problems arose when I noticed that Theresa was now postponing her flight back to Germany as she was continuously requesting to do more shows with Elikem. I noticed it wasn’t about doing shows anymore so I asked her when she was going to go back to Germany as she seemed to want to get close to my man.

“I called her and told her to back off and look for other fashion designers as there are plenty of designers in Ghana,” said Pokello.

Pokello said telling Theresa to back off from Elikem did not go down well with her as she responded to Pokello by telling her she could ruin her relationship.

“When I told Theresa to keep away from Elikem, she told me he was ugly, below her standard and that there were better looking men in Ghana. She also told me she could do stuff to ruin my relationship and I told her I could bring down the whole of Ghana on her and that’s where the war began.

“Theresa decided to call Showbiz and feed them with lies, they ran the story of our break up and lied that Elikem had confirmed,” Pokello said.

Pokello however, said she would wait for nine months to see if Theresa was actually pregnant.

Theresa confirmed that Pokello had called her insulting her to leave her boyfriend alone. Theresa responded to Pokello saying Elikem was mature enough to make decisions on who he wanted to be with, adding that once he decides to settle with her (Theresa), no one could do anything to change her mind.

“If Elikem tells me he is no more interested in me, then I will understand that I am the loser and back off, but for now, we are happy together.

“I don’t know why anyone should have problems with me. For some days now, family members of Elikem and friends of Pokello have been disturbing me with phone calls to stay away from Elikem but all I tell them is we are in love and no one can stop us.”

Theresa seems very candid about her relationship with Elikem because according to Showbiz, she confirmed her affair with Elikem saying she would soon return to Germany where she lives.

Elikem has also denied allegations that he broke up with Pokello saying Theresa was just being a b****, trying to upset Pokello. Elikem said he had recordings of phone conversations he had with Theresa when she was threatening to pull Pokello down and would soon release them to the public.

“I’m not with Theresa. Pokello and I are still happily together. I love my wife, period,” said Elikem.

It remains to be seen how long the Polikem affair will last after this trouble in paradise, especially after Theresa’s warning that Elikem would choose who he wants between the two women.

Pokello and Elikem’s affair has always been the subject of criticism from start as most people doubted their relationship, especially after Pokello abruptly ended her affair with rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme on live television.

Some claimed the Polikem affair was more of a convenience relationship while others vowed it would not last. Polikem though left many with eggs on their faces as their relationship is the most successful one from BBA: The Chase, so far.

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