Politics is for the thick-skinned Dr!


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ZIMBABWE – Dr Joice Mujuru was this week given acres of space in the private media over a statement she released imploring zanu-PF to stop maligning her. Dr Mujuru’s statement was nothing more than a cry for empathy and support. Ever since she was expelled from zanu-PF, Dr Mujuru has been very calculating in her actions to elicit sympathy which, however, has not been forthcoming. Even her silence and occasional outbursts through these statements were calculated to depict herself as “a poor widow” who is unduly persecuted by zanu-PF.

She mentioned in her statement that zanu-PF was “denigrating a poor widow.”

This is a laughable statement.

If Dr Mujuru is poor, then everybody in this country is poor or another jargon has to be coined to describe the rest of us whose dreams to become like Dr Mujuru will never come true in our life time.

Part of her statement reads; “When I denied the allegations a year ago, I challenged the authorities to take action in a court of law. This is still to happen.”

The doctor must stop thinking or believing that she is now off the hook. It will not take a week for her case to be brought before the court of law. It does not need a clever person to see the obvious court verdict should an action be taken in a court of law.

Some political matters are better solved politically. Most of the allegations levelled against Dr Mujuru were political, thus, zanu-PF found it fit to deal with them politically. That move is applauded as it is economic on state resources and time.

However, Dr Mujuru is taking advantage of the political resolution taken on her to hoodwink people into believing that zanu-PF did not take her to court because she had no case to answer.

This is likely to be her line of defence and campaign trump card in the forthcoming 2018 elections.

It is a mistake that zanu-PF committed, which is, fortunately, not too late to rectify. Dr Mujuru can still be taken to court to answer grave charges levelled against her. The court action can set a good precedent for those who will take the same disastrous path in the future.

zanu-PF is, therefore, urged to take action on Dr Mujuru. Unless that action is taken, zanu-PF will continue to be accused of expending its energy on the supposedly trivial matter of attacking Dr Mujuru.

“Let’s put our people first and avoid focusing an entire nation’s energy on denigrating a poor widow, who is quietly, lawfully and constitutionally pursuing her own wishes outside zanu-PF,” said Dr Mujuru.

Of course, she is lawfully and constitutionally pursuing her wishes but as long as she is still in the game of politics, she must be geared for all sorts of tackles.

She either opts out of the game or develops a thick skin.

Politics is for the thick-skinned. This is how the game of politics is played. It’s unfortunate that she never learnt the ropes when she was still in zanu-PF because she was hiding behind President Mugabe. She could not receive much criticism from the same sources that target President Mugabe because she was a liberal character who was acquiescent to the doctrine of the sources.

Remember there are some allegations that some of the opposition parties in this country were formed in her house.

This is the reason she is telling the nation that “we should desist from thinking and believing that any other political party is illegal or unconstitutional for that matter.”

Dr Mujuru has been holding this line of thinking and that is the reason why she has been the darling of the opposition.

One observer, whose observation is increasingly becoming credible, once said Mai Mujuru was never heard saying the ‘pasi neMDC’ slogan. It explains why.

Amai Mujuru might wonder why President Mugabe and the First Lady are always harping on her rebellion. They have all the reasons to do so, the major one being that they were taken aback to see a person whom they groomed plotting to unconstitutionally overthrow them. It is not a secret that Amai Mujuru owes her political stardom to the first family.

President Mugabe appointed her in his first cabinet when she only had a Junior Certificate (Form two) as her highest academic qualification. She became a vice president ahead of many who were superior in all aspects, courtesy of the First Family. In Shona they say kurera imbwa nemukaka mangwana inofuma yokuruma. Many of us would never forgive such a dog. Others would actually go to the extreme extent of killing the dog.

It is not that Amai Mujuru and her People First project are a threat to Zanu-PF in any way.

It is only that she was the least person to be expected to betray the ethos and the values of the liberation struggle.

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