‘Prominent person to die in aeroplane,’ claims Prophet Makandiwa

‘Prominent person to die in aeroplane,’ claims Prophet Makandiwa


ZIMBABWE – Emmanuel Makandiwa UFI leader has prophesized that a prominent person will die soon in an aeroplane but said he would elaborate on the prophesy at his church’s Judgement Night 3 Service at the National Sports Stadium in Harare at the weekend.

Makandiwa made the prophecy during UFIC’s Tuesday’s evening service in Chitungwiza.

Prophet Makandiwa is alleged to have said, “I can see a prominent person and he is like in the cloud. Let me clarify, he is in an aeroplane.

“I can see the Lord taking his spirit. I can see people trying to resuscitate him and they will pull down an oxygen mask, but he is already dead right there in the sky.

“But I can see that when they land, they will take the body, for he will no longer be a person, to the hospital for two to three days because they don’t want the prophecy to be confirmed.”

Church’s spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa confirmed the prophecy saying more would be revealed on Sunday.

“He will elaborate on when it will happen, where and describe the field of the prominent person, whether he will be an artiste, businessman or politician.’

Prophet Makandiwa announced that 28th of August 2015 will see Judgement Night 3 dawning for the giant National Sports Stadium.

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