Propht labels wife a witch

Propht labels wife a witch


ZIMBABWE – A self-proclaimed prophet of the Johanne Masowe apostolic sect dragged his wife before the Harare Civil Court accusing her of witchcraft.

Norman Senzere alleged that his wife, Esther Charamba, bewitched his first wife and caused her death.

Senzere, who was seeking a protection order against Charamba told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that she threatened him with death despite divorcing her.

“We divorced but she is refusing to leave my house after I gave her parents a cow as a divorce token,” he said.

“She caused the death of my first wife after bewitching her. She is a witch and everyone she threatens with death will die.

“She is also threatening my other wife. She harasses her and scolds her using vulgar words. I want her to leave my house and be barred from coming to my workplace because I am no longer a happy man,” Senzere said.

Charamba refuted the allegations. She told the court that it was, in fact, Senzere who was abusing her forcing her to drink concoctions.

“All that he has said are lies,” Charamba said.

“I have never killed anyone nor am I a witch. He is a prophet from Johanne Masowe but he is manufacturing allegations against me.

“He is only trying to get rid of me since I became disabled but he is the one who did not want me to go to the hospital for treatment saying his church does not allow that,” she said.

Mrs Gofa dismissed Senzere’s application saying there was no proof of violence perpetrated against him.

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