Railway employees captured a man walking away with a ticket book

Railway employees captured a man walking away with a ticket book


ZIMBABWE – A National Railways employee yesterday testified to the court that Mabvuku-Tafara Member of Parliament James Maridadi, acted in an unprofessional way by driving away with the ticket book.

During cross examination with Maridadi’s lawyer Auxillia Mangwaira, Amos Tembo said that Maridadi had a hidden agenda since he did not lodge a complaint with the police.

“As a learned person I suggest that Maridadi would have approached any NRZ office to inquire whether Zivanai Muzokomba was an NRZ employee, instead he took the book and went away without going to the police.

“Maridadi acted out of emotions when he grabbed the passenger’s ticket book from Muzokomba who was collecting parking fees on the day in question.

“From how we operate anyone who cooperate will have their names and phone numbers written on the ticket and this book is a multi-purpose book.

“Maridadi was supposed to have gone at Harare Central Police Station to report the issue since it is a few meters away from the NRZ premises.

“The exorbitant prices you are saying are recorded in the book like US$40 it is a monthly payment ticket for someone who park their vehicle everyday,” he said.

Maridadi is appearing before Harare magistrate courts’ on charge of unauthorized borrowing or use of property.

Allegations are that NRZ employees were issuing NRZ parking tickets but the Maridadi felt that what they were doing was unlawful and he allegedly took the ticket book saying he wanted to go and show the cops.

But then the NRZ team are said to have then notified the cops, alleging that the Maridadi had stolen their ticket book.

Stylon Marufu prosecuted.

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