Second DVD going to launch by Sungura misician

Second DVD going to launch by Sungura misician


ZIMBABWE – Sungura musician Howard Pinjisi of the Orchestra Ndorochena band is set to launch his second DVD Chirambawasara featuring Nicholas Madzibaba Zacharia anytime in February.

The six tracks DVD will have songs such as Handidi naye, Kumafaro, Shumba Mhazi, Vakuru vedu featuring Nicholas Zacharia, Ngoma Yema Buja from his previous album Wumbiridzo and Zoona.

In an interview with H-Metro the sungura star said this year is going to be his year as he has engaged in top gear.

“This year is going to be a great year for my fans as they are going to enjoy the videos that I’m brewing for them.

“Vanhu vachanakirwa nawo mavideos awa, achange ane zvidrama mukati zvekuti vachange vachinzwa message zvichiburikidzwa nekuona.” He said

He added that the song he featured Madzibaba will be commemorating the works that the pioneers of Sungura did.

“This song will be celebrating the works that were done by musicians like Marshal Munhumumwe, James Chimombe, Simon Chimbetu among others did.

“Ichange ichitenda mamusicians ese emuno muZimbabwe.” He added

Howard further said that he wants to thank his fans for supporting him in his musical career even when things were tough.

The musician however said although he managed to release his album last year this were not that good as he was faced with some financial challenges.

“Although things were difficult last year what I’m happy of is that I managed to get in the studio and recorded my album.”

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