Seeking Justice from Pioneer Motor Corporation

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HARARE – My name is Emmanuel Mukombachoto Mr Editor. I have come to your widely read online newspaper for help so that if you publish my story maybe I might get help or that if you have contacts for people who might help me,I would be grateful to have the contacts.

My father the late Felix Mukombachoto may his soul rest in peace,worked for Pioneer Motor Corporation (PMC) for 25yrs as a truck driver. On the 26th of june 2008 he was involved in a road traffic accident whilst on duty and he died on the spot.

Ever since his death in 2008 and its now over 5years later my mother hasn’t yet received a single cent from PMC. We’ve been referred from one office to the other but to no avail.

We have tried to engage lawyers but their fees are beyond our reach,from the time of death up to now there hasn’t been any form of
communication from PMC to us.

My question is for the 25yrs my father toiled for non stop,he didn’t deserve any pension let alone he died on the line of duty. The ceo of PMC mr Albert Ushe I’ve tried to countless times to reach him but have been unsuccessful.

Please Mr Editor help me by publishing this story on your online newspaper,maybe someone will come up with help.

Thank you for your time,am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely
E Mukombachoto

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