Siblings fought over rentals

Siblings fought over rentals


ZIMBABWE – The bad blood between two siblings has spilled to court amid reports that the brother assaulted his sister over rentals.

Gerald Gwatiringa pleaded not guilty to assault charges when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Renikah Dzikiti.

The presiding magistrate deferred the matter to today to allow witnesses from both parties to testify in court.

In his defence, Gerald told the court that his sister was making false allegations against him so that she takes full control of the house.

“She once applied for a protection order against me and it was dismissed, she does not want me to stay at the house because she wants full control of everything at the house.

“On the day in question I only asked tenants to give me a share from the money they pay as rent but I was shocked when she came with police offcers accusing me of beating her up,” he said.

It is the State’s case that on January 24 at around 7pm, Ruth Mawire was at her late parents’ place in Unit L Chitungwiza when her Gerald came to collect money from tenants.

Ruth told Gerald he was not supposed to collect the money because the money from tenants was supposed to pay for the outstanding rates which they owed to the City council.

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