Job Sikhala arriving at court earlier today

HARARE – The investigating officer in Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala’s case yesterday told the court that the parliamentarian was not a suitable candidate for bail since he had two other pending cases that were under investigation.

Detective Assistant Inspector Victor Mukohwa said this during cross examination of the bail application that has been ongoing since last week.

“Sikhala isn’t a good candidate for bail because he has two other matters that are pending at Zengeza Police Station. One is for assault and the other is for violating the Councils Act so he will interfere with those investigations if released on bail,” he said.

He further testified that Sikhala failed to avail himself to the police despite the fact that they had issued a statement inviting him for an interview.

However, human rights lawyer Harrison Nkomo, who is part of Sikhala’s defence team, quizzed him on whether there was a legal obligation for him to go to the police.

“There was no need for him to go to the police. The statement released by police clearly indicated that he was being invited to the police for an interview. There was no legal obligation for him to go.

“Over and above, if he was on the run, why would he release videos saying where he was?” queried Nkomo. The State, through Mukohwa, produced videos which were allegedly shot by Sikhala when he was in hiding telling the police that they should contact his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa and only then would he avail himself.

Sikhala was arrested last week on allegations of inciting the public to stage a violent protest against the Government. It is the State’s case that from the first of March to 21st of this month, Sikhala called Zimbabweans to stage violent demonstrations against the Government. Herald

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