Soldier appeared in court for assualting and extorting money

Soldier appeared in court for assualting and extorting money


ZIMBABWE – A Soldier has appeared in court on allegations of assaulting and extorting money from a passersby near Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation in Mbare.

Tapiwa Chenjerai is said to have demanded US$50 as bribe from Lloyd Zisengwe who had answered his cellphone in front of ZBC building.

Zisengwe is said to have given him US$50 and a cellphone for fear of being arrested.

Chenjerai denied the allegations when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Reward Kwenda facing assault and extortion charges.

Chenjerai told the court that he did not take Zisengwe’s money or assault him.

“I only asked the man for a smoke, l do not even work at ZBC, l had just visited my friends, this man your honour is framing me” he said

Chenjerai was remanded out of custody on US$200 bail to January 19 for trial.

Allegations are that on January Zisengwe was walking past ZBC Mbare, and his phone rang.

He took it out to check who was calling him and Chenjerai saw him.

He went towards him and asked him why he was making a call.

Zisengwe is said to have tried to explain that he was not making a call but Chenjerai told him that it was unlawful to make and answer calls in front of the ZBC building.

He allegedly produced his Zimbabwe National Army identity card and accused Zisengwe of undermining his authority.

It is said that Chenjerai the assaulted Zisengwe.

He then went to a couple who were standing near the robots and told them that Zisengwe had hurt him and demanded compensation.

Zisengwe told him that he only had US$20 only.

He refused claiming that the money was not enough to pay for medical attention and told him to increase.

Zisengwe then offered US$45 but, Chenjerai told him that he wanted US$50.

Zisengwe is said to have to called his friend who sent him US$5 on his Ecocash account and Chenjerai took him to Mbare A mess to withdraw the money.

Further allegations are that Chenjerai also took Zisengwe’s cellphone.

The cellphone was later recovered after Zisengwe reported the matter to the police leading to Chenjerai’s arrest.

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